A “ByPass” that Allows Travel by High-Speed Train from Basque Country to Galicia and Catalonia without Passing through Madrid

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As with roads, Madrid has historically been the “kilometer zero” of the Spanish rail network. At high speed, the entire route designed since the 80s is its epicenter, the meeting point of all routes in the capital. A beam model that the new Ministry of Transport is about to break.

A few days ago, the Council of Ministers approved Olmedo's “U” tenders, a new section of roads with a length of only 8 kilometers, which changes everything. The route will allow high-speed trains to branch off in the future and travel directly from Galicia to Catalonia without the need to pass through Madrid. Reorganization that will also affect travelers on trains in Bilbao, Vitoria and San Sebastian. The opening of the Basque 'Y', its connection to Pamplona and the extension to Zaragoza are once again central to the whole project.

Let me give an example of influence. Traveling by train from Bilbao to A Coruña currently takes over 10 hours and several transfers. The high speed was going to reduce the duration to 6 hours 20 minutes, although this would require a change of trains in Madrid. The Olmedo ring road trip can be direct and can be completed in 4 hours 30 minutes, according to Adif's calculations. The route will also become shorter, for example between connections to Palencia, León and Asturias.

Olmedo is a small municipality in the state of Valladolid, located at a strategic point to “hit” the northern expressways. The Ministry's technicians consider it a suitable place to make a “transition” connecting the Madrid-Valladolid-Burgos high-speed line, which in the future will extend to the Euskadi, Navarre and Aragon, with which it connects the capital. Spain and Galicia. The AVE will have to adjust its speed to the curve it is about to make, but will typically remain a two-hour journey from that point to Madrid.

Atocha-Chamartin Tunnel

If the deadlines are met, the public tender for the execution of the “U” will be resolved throughout the summer, so work can begin in the fall. The project has a budget of 38 million and should be implemented in about 30 months. Two and a half years. The new plan, whose information study has been written since 2003, includes a 200-meter viaduct over the Adaja River.

Although it did not change the radial model of the rail network, the transport took an important step in this regard two years ago with the opening of the new Atocha-Chamartin high-speed tunnel. Since then, AVE trains can pass through Madrid without stopping at one of the two stations that receive high-speed services and allow, for example, to be there. direct routes from Burgos to Seville and Valencia.

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