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Armed Robbery of Armored Car

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By manpreet maan

Armed Robbery of Armored Car

Sardinia: Eight armed robbers blocked the SS131 in the province of Sassari, shooting at motorists and injuring several people. The carabinieri are searching for the suspects.

The robbery took place at around 8:30 a.m. on the Carlo Felice highway, which connects Sassari and Cagliari. The robbers used a chain and nails to block the road, then forced a garbage truck driver to stop. They set the truck on fire and then used it to block the other lanes of traffic.

Shortly after, two armored cars from Vigilpol arrived. The robbers opened fire on the cars, injuring four guards and three motorists.

The carabinieri were called to the scene and arrived a short time later. They exchanged gunfire with the robbers, and one of the suspects was reportedly wounded. The robbers fled the scene in two vehicles, which were later found abandoned and burned.

The carabinieri are searching for the suspects in two directions: the provincial road that passes through Siligo, Banari, and Ittiri, and the agricultural roads that lead from Bonorva to the province of Nuoro.

This is the second armed robbery of an armored car in Sardinia in recent months. The robberies have raised concerns about security in the region.

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