Ayuso invites Chilean students to Madrid, the “second home” for those who have lost their freedom.

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By parm maan

The president of the Madrid community, Isabel Diaz Ayuso, this Monday invited Chilean students to enjoy and grow professionally in the region and, in the face of totalitarian governments and those who seek division, she positioned the region as a “second home”. to all those who in one way or another lost freedom, well-being and who have to start from scratch. During his visit to the University of the Andes, with which he ends his official visit to Chile, the head of the executive of Madrid encouraged the centers of this country to participate in the first international network of universities of excellence in Spanish, a program in which the regional government works through the Chair of Spain and Hispanidad. “We are waiting for you with open arms so that you can realize your dreams. We have a lot to do and we can only achieve it together. Madrid is your home,” said the president, who urged students to live far away. some time away from home, the comfort zone, and urged them to visit Madrid and share the ideals of Miguel de Cervantes: “liberty, beauty, truth and courage”. From this chair, the formation of a network with important teaching and research works giving greater value to our language is being tested. These initiatives provide the opportunity to support the work of research groups from universities in the region that present individual ideas or in collaboration with national or international institutions on the history of Spain and the value of its language in the world. In addition, they also seek to emphasize their wealth in cultural, educational or scientific fields, allowing them to improve Madrid's position as a great center of knowledge. During his speech, Ayuso established the Community as a place where you can go “to be alone, to be who you want to be, without fear of anyone.” “To be a better artist, to be a better student, to be a better businessman, to have a special talent for something and not have a politician come and give you a good or bad citizen card if you vote for him or not. don't be persecuted because of your sexual orientation, because of the family you want to have or because of what you vote for or stop voting for,” he explained. From the podium of the university, the President of Madrid reminded them that Madrid is waiting for them “a sister region where living is a real adventure”. In addition to “the city with the best nightlife in the world” and a “second life expectancy,” Ayuso cited the region's universities and learning and research centers. MADRID NEVER DISAPPOINTS “Not only does it have some of the best educational schools and universities in the world, but it also offers everything a person needs to live a full life, trying to be happy and build that personal and professional life project. Madrid never.” it disappoints”, emphasized the president of the region, who also reminded that the students of the Latin American university will pay the same fee as any citizen of the European Union. With these lines, he recalled that there have been many who have gone to Madrid because it is “the square that leads them to excellence”, that which “makes them full of glory and it has been an obligatory stop for many generations “. “That's why we always say in our slogan: Madrid to heaven,” said Ayuso, stressing that the people of Madrid are “children of freedom, effort and improvement.” In this regard, he stressed that the community government will do “everything possible within our power” so that any student who wants to be able to engage in university life, “regardless of where they come from, for example Chile or Salamanca. , from the first day” and where “coexistence, plurality, mutual understanding, disagreement and agreement and different opinions come together”. As he said, they share “the defense of life, responsible freedom, the family, the truth and the dignity of every person” as well as the “similar attack” that Latin America has had to face with “narco-dictatorships” and totalitarian governments that undermine are “separation of powers, coexistence and harmony” and created “parallel realities so that they do not have to face the real problems and do not have to fight with the invisible friends who provoked collectivization and division.” “. “Now we are suffering from such an attack in Spain,” said the regional president, who emphasized that “the challenges, problems and opportunities of the two countries are incredibly similar” and that the community of Madrid has always stood for. the second home to all those who in one way or another have lost their freedom, well-being and who have to start from scratch.”

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