Diary of the Tropics (XII): My Dislikes About Traveling

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By parm maan

I don't like things that are far away, even if they are close. I don't like things that are close, even if they are far away. I don't like the eternal cloud of Bogotánor does traffic when I'm in a rush, almost never. I don't like sweating my bones in the Caribbeannor air conditioning in eskimo specialty. I don't like that there are no stations in Colombia. I don't like winter. I don't like that in all countries they say: “my country has everything: mountains, sea…”.

I don't like arriving in a new city in the afternoon. I don't like looking for accommodation. I don't like to put my backpack on the chair, lie on the bed, look into infinity. I don't like the smell of distance. I do not like the poetic temptation to become unhappy. I don't like that there is no light on the bedside table. I don't like to look out the window and see the life of CDMX, Oaxaca, Lima, Barranquilla, cruel and flourishing, a couple holding hands, three young people and a ball, grandmother, grandfather. I don't like that they are a non-negotiable part of the city, that they are the city. I don't like that they confirm and confirm that we are not me.

Barranquilla Colombia Carnival

Barranquilla carnival.


I don't like people who travel as “hippies”. I don't like people who travel with suitcases on wheels. I don't like dogs that bark at odd hours. I don't like street vendors who wake me up. I don't like those who give long lectures in social gatherings as if we are in an Ibero-American colloquium. “We are in the kitchen of the house, preparing dinner and eating olives. Now shut up, sir.” I don't like opinions. I don't like bad handwriting, mine. I don't like cities where you can't walk. I don't like to feel that I am different, that I am the same. I don't like to stop loving. I don't like to stop wondering. I don't like the world to seem the same. I don't like loud music in bars. I don't like drunks who repeat themselves. I don't like parents who talk about their kids or single people who show anti-family rebellion.

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I don't like overly nice people. I don't like to put on the smug receptionist smile when someone says stupid things. I don't like to communicate. the friend said “I don't want people to introduce me anymore, I want them to introduce me don't show up». I don't like having to use other people's expressions. I don't like not being able. I don't like “that which appears just because it shines for a moment and then goes away for years and years”. I don't like to talk about travel and talk about something else.

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