Dragon's Dogma 2: five tips for surviving the adventure

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Dragon's Dogma 2 | Developer: Capcom Distributors: Capcom, Capcom USA, Inc.

If you play Dragon's Dogma 2, you really want to dive into this adventure and have been reading our coverage, you already know that the difficulty is high and death is the order of the day. Part of the new game experience Capcom: lies in survival, preparation and thorough research. There are no easy solutions, but there are a few tips you should know to improve your chances. They are experiences learned through failure and defeat, some past experiences with the previous title, and everything I wish I knew when the adventure was just beginning.

Dragon's Dogma 2 | Developer: Capcom Distributors: Capcom, Capcom USA, Inc.

From the very first moment, Dragon's Dogma 2 allows us to collect two additional Pledges: a party of 4 characters. While it's technically optional and we can dedicate ourselves to playing with just our main companion, the game is designed for a full team. There's no reason to make the experience more difficult without a challenge, so the first thing we need to do is pick two more Pledges. For this, we buy any Riftstone and choose from the options we have on hand. However, it is not our only tool.

To begin with, it is advisable to choose pawnbrokers with different specialties than ours and our main companion. It's always helpful to have an AI-controlled fighter at the front, along with a mage Halidom ready to heal us after each battle. To perform an advanced quest, simply inspect the stone inside the Rift and enter the appropriate menu. We can filter by profession, skill set and even call higher level pawnshops than ours, which have additional costs but are really worth the investment. Don't be afraid to spend Rift points, as long as you manage to revive those who fell in battle, you will not be charged again.

Dragon's Dogma 2, by Capcom.

Our faithful adventure companions are much more than just AI allies to aid us in battle. Because they are the creations of other players who visit us via Rifstone from their parallel dimensions, they retain information about missions completed with their master. In addition, they remember the location of caves, passages, hidden treasures, and even the way to solve a certain problem. If we are stuck on a mission, just activate it as a priority and go to the “advanced quest” to call a new hostage using the “mission knowledge” filter. Soon there will be a handful of candidates who can reach out to us.

During the reconnaissance, our teammates will make useful observations. This is one of the big improvements compared to the previous title, not only do they sing allusive phrases, but they also have short conversations with each other. Sometimes they mark resources or mark chests in the distance. From time to time Grav asks us such a question. “I know the location of the cave/treasure near the Arisen, do you want me to show you where?” At that moment, we should give the command “Go!” command, which by default is set to the “Up” direction of the directional pad, then we'll see a hand icon above the head of said character. . Now all that's left to do is follow it to its destination.

To survive, you need to be prepared for any eventuality, and that means not only always wearing camping gear (which we should never have), but also having all kinds of things on hand. Fortunately, the world Dragon's Dogma 2 It is packed with resources to collect and merge. Some are potion ingredients, others are valuable minerals or materials to upgrade our equipment, but there are also gold and valuable items scattered across the map. We must always be aware of our surroundings, especially on rocky slopes, which usually have areas of natural resource extraction, but also observations of Payons.

Take everything that comes our way, especially when fetal tears defeated enemies, will soon cause us to be overwhelmed. There are two solutions to this, improving our maximum workload and delegating the weight to our partners. The first is the most difficult, as it requires special skills, such as a fighter, which is learned in the last levels of said rank. We can also increase our weight limit by equipping rings purchased from any store or by collecting and consuming golden beetles that usually await us on certain logs in plain sight. The second solution, the most recommended, is to transfer the heavy items to our three pawnbrokers. Fear not, you will never lose our items, even if they die forever, everything they carried appears in our vault.

Dragon's Dogma 2 | Developer: Capcom distributor: Capcom

Everything we collect is useful. Even rotten foods play a role Dragon's Dogma 2. We can make a basic healing potion with a common herb and any fruit, they are cheap and very useful. Depending on the ingredients we use, we can make potions to restore endurance, heal adverse effects and even temporarily improve some stats. This is a simple system where we select the first element to be merged and it shows us all the possible results when we move the cursor over another element. If we know the recipe, it will show us the exact fruit of our combination, if we have not yet mixed them, it will present us with an unknown icon, and when the mixture is prepared, we will learn the recipe forever.

Some components will change over time. The fruit ripens, the flesh ages, and eventually everything rots. As they change state, the properties of the elements also change, in turn creating new unique combinations. Mixed ripe fruits become nuts, which no longer spoil. Aged meat turns into boiled meat, which can be stored for a long time. In turn, these combinations are the basis for some of the most powerful potion recipes. If we leave the menu unattended and do not combine the foods, they will appear rotten. Far from being an end in itself, some can be combined to make other products, such as lantern oil, a vital tool for exploring caves or walking trails at night.

Dragon's Dogma 2 | Developer: Capcom Distributors: Capcom, Capcom USA, Inc.

Unlike the first game. Dragon's Dogma 2 It has a map four times the size and full of secrets to discover. Exploration is done on foot and it is always advisable to go light so that our endurance play more, but once the first few hours of the game are over, things get a little more enjoyable. When we reach the capital of Vermund, in the south of the map, we will be able to unlock the ox carts, completing a secondary mission. Once completed, these vehicles will take us to various cities and attractions for modest and economical gold. To do this, just pay and get into the carriage, when we board, the driver will start the journey, and we will have two options: Either we enjoy the view while clearing the map, or we go to bed to make the trip go by quickly. Sometimes the car stops because they attack us, so we have to get out and help the guides clear the way. If we don't do our job well and the car breaks down or the driver is killed, we'll be out of business and possibly for the night. Risk and reward. Always balanced.

As we progress through the story and complete the side missions, we'll meet some relevant characters. These will pass by our house and leave us messages, with some advices about missions to discover and other missions with rewards. Some will be very valuable Ferrystones, stones that remove any Portcrystals we've activated. Generally, there is one in every major city, but we can also get our own and place it in a place that suits us best. They are rare items, rewards from important quests, or found in crates deep in an enemy-infested cave. They are expensive, though not impossible to buy, and should only be kept for emergencies. They can only be activated outside and when we are out of battle, but they are useless if we don't activate the Crystal first, never stop exploring.

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