Easter 2024: 5 Money-Saving Travel Tips

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Visit squares, monuments, parks, viewpoints and other attractions at no additional cost. (Marco Palomino)

One day left until launch Holy Week 2024 (Sunday, March 24 to Sunday, March 31) and some sections are waiting for what they consider the best Easter in years. The reasons are clear. this summer does not represent the level of social conflict or climate change as it did in 2023, when thousands of Peruvians mobilized and the economy went into recession after a season of strong climate factors such as the El Niño phenomenon. Cyclone Yaku. Likewise, both domestic and inbound tourism They have increased their numbers, which were greatly affected by the Covid 19 epidemic.

For this reason and understanding that some of the population will take advantage of the holiday to travel Development Studies Network(s) published an article on calculating costs per tourist and a number of savings tips.

“Given the current panorama, which consists of the recovery of tourism activity, the extended Easter holiday is a holiday that is presented as an insurmountable opportunity at the national level. This is due to the fact that on these dates Peruvians' interest in national tourism is built and the economy is mobilized to the regions through commercial activities that include these sectors,” commented César García, who works as an economist at the organization.

The average tourist expenditure across the country will be around 1100 soles. (Sergio Benavides)

In total, Redes predicts that The average cost of one tourist will be about 1100 soles, an indicator that increases the average expenditure of one tourist registered in the previous season by 37% (800 soles). It should be remembered that according to the information presented Ministry of Foreign Trade and Tourism (Mincetur)Holy Week 2023 meant mobilization 1.2 million tourists at the national level, thus generating a cumulative economic impact 157 million dollars. In this regard, the ministerial portfolio led by Juan Carlos Mathews hopes that there will be a greater flow of tourists this year, which will enable the creation of a cumulative economic impact. 195 million dollars.

If you're traveling during this long vacation, Garcia recommends keeping the following guidelines in mind:

1. Make a budget

Although some people may be lazy, confirming a coastal structure It is the best way to guarantee a trip where no risks are taken or unnecessary and unnecessary expenses are incurred. a budget plan It is important to know the amount we have allocated and the possibilities to carry out our activities as a result. Similarly, it is necessary to book the most important purchases of the trip, such as food, accommodation and transportation/tour service to the main attractions.

2. Set maximum amounts

Los: salary thresholds, although they are a sub-category of budgeting, they are guidelines to guide us on our journey to remind us what money we can use for each activity, product or service. For example, setting different boundaries travel services, transport, accommodation and food This confirms the surplus that we have to spend on shopping and souvenirs.

Walking around the city gives us a more complete panorama and travel experience. (Eric Diaz)

3. Find central and cheap accommodation

One of the savings options that is growing rent an Airbnbas it has significant advantages such as own kitchen, which significantly reduces food costs associated with going out to a restaurant. In addition, it is important that it is located in a strategic position so that it allows us to move easily and save time and money.

4. Explore the city on foot

The previous point (point 3) makes sense with this other one, which is to walk to the destinations we want to visit. Using public transport for long distances is another option to consider, but we should prioritize avoiding taxis and other forms of private transport. Similarly, Walking through the city gives us a different perspective and we offers a more complete travel experience rather than just going to the main tourist spots.

5. Explore freelance activities

In the travel list, we should consider the activities that do not require additional costs. These may include visits to public squares and monuments, some museums, parks, lookouts, and others.

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