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Elon Musk Criticizes President Biden’s Immigration Policies, Alleging Political Motives

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By manpreet maan

Tesla CEO Elon Musk, one of the world’s wealthiest individuals, has intensified his criticism of President Joe Biden, claiming that the administration is allowing the influx of illegal migrants into the United States for political gain. Musk’s contentious remarks on X (formerly Twitter) have stirred controversy, with accusations of endorsing a conspiracy theory.

Elon Musk Criticizes President Biden's Immigration Policies, Alleging Political Motives

Musk’s Allegations

Musk asserted on his X platform, acquired nearly a year ago, that Biden’s strategy involves allowing as many illegal migrants into the country as possible and subsequently legalizing them to establish a permanent majority, effectively creating a one-party state. He supported his claim with a news article on Biden’s recent border policy.

Impact on Housing Affordability

Musk highlighted the access that illegal immigrants have to various services and benefits in the US, linking it to the nation’s housing affordability crisis. He pointed out that illegal immigrants can obtain bank loans, mortgages, insurance, driver’s licenses, free healthcare (in California & New York), and in-state college tuition, contributing to rising housing costs.

Musk’s Concerns and Past Involvement

Elaborating on his views, Musk explained that the perceived strategy of allowing illegal immigration contributes to the low number of deportations, as each deportation is considered a lost vote. He also referenced a recent incident in New York involving migrants assaulting police officers.

This is not Musk’s first involvement in the immigration debate. In the past months, he visited the border, expressed support for anti-immigration views, and endorsed the construction of a border wall during a live-streamed visit to Eagle Pass on the Texas-Mexico border. Despite his criticism of illegal immigration, Musk clarified his stance, expressing support for increased legal immigration while advocating for controlled borders and proper screening processes.

Musk’s Immigration Advocacy

Musk, originally from South Africa and a naturalized American citizen since 2002, emphasized that he is pro-increasing legal immigration significantly. He clarified that his stance is not anti-immigration but rather against a massive number of unvetted individuals flooding into America.

Stay tuned for more updates on Elon Musk’s perspectives and their impact on the ongoing immigration discourse.

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