EMT Madrid buses will be free on April 2 and 3

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The buses of the Madrid City Transport Company will again be free for 48 hours, with the start of school work after the Easter holidays. From 00:00 on Tuesday 2 April until 23:59 on Wednesday 3 April, travel on any municipal bus will be free, except for the Airport Express line. As in other cases, travelers must validate their transport ticket and if they don't have one, the driver will give them one free ticket.

Boosting the use of buses is key to promoting sustainable mobility in Madrid at a time when the city is expected to see high numbers of trips after the Easter holidays. With this event, the municipality is once again trying to promote public transport as an alternative to private vehicles.

An event that has benefited more than 10.6 million users

Since January 2021, travelers carried by EMT Madrid during 52 days of free travel, spread over 18 periods, have amounted to more than 49.2 million, and the measure has won more than 10.6 million customers.

Madrid pioneered the implementation of this measure in January 2021, after receiving Hurricane Filomena, and the same year, to operate during rush hour in public transport, it was activated from September 1 to 15 from 7:00 a.m. to 00:00 a.m. 9:00 a.m. Later, in November, as an incentive, it was restored Black Friday.

After the Easter holidays in 2022, free entry was activated on January 10 and 11 and April 19 and 20. Two months later, to coincide with the NATO summit, buses were free again on June 28, 29 and 30, and the event was held twice in September, on the 1st and 7th and 8th to accompany the return to work. and schools. The free service was also activated on the first Monday of October, and at the end of November, the event was again held on the weekend. Black Friday, carrying more than three million passengers. In connection with the return of the Constitution Bridge, the last free day of 2022 took place on December 12.

During 2023, the free service was launched six times: after Christmas in January, two days after Easter in April, five consecutive days in early September and the first Monday in October. Later in November, over three days black friday which carried more than 3.6 million travelers and, finally, after the Constitution Bridge in December.

In 2024, EMT Madrid free transportation was activated on January 8 and 9, and this will be the second time that users will be able to ride the bus for free.

This event will continue to be implemented on high traffic days. Also, in case of high pollution episodes, the Madrid City Council will activate the free use of city buses. /

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