Essential Things to Remember for Your Trip: Young Man Exposes 9 Common Scams

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By: Valeria Arias

Updated: 2024-03-27 16:12:14

In order not to fall into these traps, pay attention to the most common cases that have occurred throughout the national territory, especially in tourist areas.

In the middle of the Easter season, many Colombians are preparing to travel to their favorite destinations in the country. But there are many scams that tourists can fall into, and that's why it's important to list them.

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YouTube's El Lisné Planet has made a video outlining the most common tourist traps this year, and here are a few to avoid if you're planning to travel in the national territory.

9 common scams for travelers in Colombia

  • Food in Cartagena. It is one of the prettiest cities in Colombia, but many tourists have reported overcharging for fish and cocktails.
  • Handmade work. It is preferable to pay for the work of the artisans directly, because the places where they resell the products tend to abuse the prices.
  • Massages. In coastal areas of the country, it is common to find indigenous people offering massages, but the best way to get them is to ask about prices first, as some overcharge after the job is done.
  • 'Tours'. A few people offer tours of the tourist attractions with transportation, but sometimes it is much cheaper to hire transportation and a guide than to pay for a “tour”.
  • Car rides in Cartagena. Those responsible for these tours can charge up to $5,000 for them without the tourists' knowledge.
  • Shoe cleaners. These are very popular in the nation's capital, they offer a free sample that later ends up costing 40,000 pesos.
  • Taxis. Races on this public transport are usually very comfortable as they operate from door to door. However, it is important to agree on the price in advance or to make sure that the taximeter has not changed, as many drivers charge up to three or four times more for the journey.
  • Sightseeing. To rent paddle boards, surfboards, jet skis, etc., you need to research the prices on the Internet, because it is common, since these are facilities that are not seen every day, their administrators charge too much.
  • Airlines. There are some airlines that have many complaints from passengers for overselling space or not clarifying baggage conditions.

Furthermore, regarding food or goods at airports, the young man mentioned that although they are not scammers, as they are quite reputable establishments in the cities, they usually offer very expensive products when you can get them elsewhere. much less. Several people reported very high prices, such as 100,000 pesos for two sandwiches and a coffee.

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