Experiencing a Journey on the Mayan Train: Surprising Adventures from a User

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Merida Yucatan. Argenis Menaand: user that Maya trends, shared his testimony travel experience on the railway where he tells about it received surpriseswith unexpected things because he never thought that he will reach his destination 5 hours late and suffers from air conditioning failures.

On his Facebook account, where he states that he is originally from the city of Panaba, Yucatan, he said: lived viacrusis because long before I got on the train on Monday March 25th, yes, the same day the Mayan train left at Tixcocob.

And what he thought would be a pleasant experience turned out to be complications one after anotheras he was traveling accompanied by his pet Teya Mérida station — which is actually located in Canasin, Yucatan, to Palenque, Chiapas.

He explained that the time upon arrival at the said station 9:00 as your train was leaving at 10:09but with infamous arrogance one who claimed to be the ruler (though he does not mention his name) addressed him and. He asked. “Your Dog's Documents”

What is it like to travel by Mayan train? The user shares his experience and surprises

“I answer: good morning, yes, of course, I provide the vaccination card and certificate good health for the journey.”

But he told her it was no use because he wanted to “Emotional Dog Roles”

Argenis Mena, who shared many surprises about his experience of traveling on the Mayan train, explained to the manager that: was not an emotional support pet; Well, this is a puppy that is barely 2 months old, and she had just traveled to take him with her to her place of residence.

The manager at the Teya Mérida station on the Mayan train told her that only emotional support dogs were allowed.

The surprised passenger told him that. to avoid the problem which I now encountered before the trip Both stations (Palenque and Teia Mérida) were previously confirmed to be pet-friendly. presenting only ID and certificates, as well as a transport box.

“Then the manager, raising his voice, tells me that he will give me the number of the station master in Palenque so that I can call him and he will reimburse me because I was not going to travel. My pet.”

Argenis Mena, Mayan train user

The unusual request of the manager surprised Argenis Mena, because he could not give him the phone number. a man whom he had seen only once in his life.

Viacrucis traveling on the Mayan train with air conditioning malfunctions

After another exchange of fruitless words, the manager decided that he would allow Argenis Mena to travel with his animal, but it would be “For the first and last time” you can travel with your dog.

However, they were notified at the time Mayan train derailment at Tixkokob, a station 20 minutes away, and they didn't know how long it would take to fix Another Mayan train wreck which put the passengers on the plane at risk.

After three hours, Argenis Mena finally saw the train that would reach him, but the surprises of living the Mayan train travel experience were not over, as they realized upon boarding that: The air conditioner was not working.

And that day in the Yucatan, the temperature exceeded thermal sensation 50 degrees Celsius, causing it your dog will hissas shown in their social media videos.

Passengers suffering from illnesses due to disruptions in Mayan train service

But the impact was also on other passengers with pressure problems and pregnant women who, according to Argenis Mena, “were in bad physiological conditions” because in addition; They were refused to leave the train, probably due to security protocols.

“But as a staff member, that's our standard It was better to lower the crew and redistribute later.”

After crossing Uman and reaching Makskan The train operators decided to test the air conditioning with the crew on board, which It lasted about 40 minutes. time they were detained but They could not solve the problem.

And endure “hell”. heat

When they arrived in Campeche, they did take them down to fix air conditioning problems In the Mayan train, because it was “hell” to endure the intense heat during the journey.

They made me sit there 3 times in 2 hours and finally They couldn't solve it either the problem was on the railway, so they would put 6 or 7 portable air conditioners in 2 cars and put the passengers in them, but. the air was not coldn environment.

Was before reaching Campeche, Escarcegawhen only in one of the machines worked air conditioner

Five hour delay due to failures on the Mayan train

Argenis Mena completed his journey on the Mayan train, but no surprise because Because of the bad experience, she had to hospitalize her petfor the heat of the journey made him ill, and notwithstanding It was due to reach its destination, Palenque, at 17:05 and arrive after 22:15; i.e. more than 5 hours late.

“It's up to you whether you still want to experience your train journeys. “For the first and last time I travel on a Mayan train.”

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