Family Road Trip: Exploring France Without Crossing the Pyrenees

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By parm maan


Our last cultural visit in the city takes us to the city The Toulouse Museum, France's second most important natural history museum due to the richness of its collections, which began more than 150 years ago (it houses two and a half million specimens and objects). Children interactively explore unique pieces such as the skeletons of dinosaurs and hominids and marvel at the different sizes of animals, both huge and small.

Poetry exhibition Sexy, scandalous life of nature (until July 7, 2024) shows the intimate lives of plants and animals with imagination, wit and without taboos. Infatuation, homosexuality, hermaphroditism and sensuality are among the topics discussed. in a didactic and immersive way.

In it Plant garden (remember that the modern extension is connected to the old monastery of the extinct Carmelites), which consists of an English garden and a French one, where the scientific collections are kept, We walk peacefully among all kinds of plants until the appearance of a playful squirrel The fact that he does not stop running and hiding among the trees shocks us.

Toulouse Museum.

In The greenhouses of the Henri Gausen Botanical Garden, The result of the collaboration with the University of Toulouse is brought to our attention medicinal plants, succulents and carnivorous plants; “Hey mom, this flower is for you,” is the last thing I hear before I realize it's a tropical specimen. indeed Anxious children are active and tireless, but also unpredictable. So once again it's time to hit the streets. This time from a country like the heroes (or villains) of an odyssey that is hard to forget.

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