Global travel booking trends: What are they?

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The Skyscanner metasearch engine has published the latest version of its report.Horizonswhere it gathers perspectives on booking windows, most sought-after destinations and most innovative destinations in different regions of the world in 2024. As a general trend, it emphasizes that in general. travelers are planning their trips further in advance than last year, which marks a return to traditional seasonality. Similarly, it shows that in all the markets analyzed, the average trip duration is decreasing slightly or remaining stable in the most popular destinations.

53% of travelers Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA) They are choosing to explore the Old Continent, which represents a 4% increase over last year, according to the report, which is based on searches for travel in the coming months of June and August. Southeast Asia is also growing in popularity, which the report cites as a trend for proximity and affordability.

Moreover, travelers from these countries show a lot of trust, as can be seen adding pre-booked trips (Higher proportion of booking windows 60-89 days and more than 90 days).

What are the global travel booking trends?

Europe continues to be the most searched region. Source: Skyscanner.

Among travelers from the Americas, while Europe was the most popular travel destination in June-August, it was down 1% from 2023. However, there is growing interest in South America and North Asia, which shows. interest in new experiences.

the tourists of Asia Pacific are turning their attention to intra-regional destinationsnotable with fall on a trip to Europe compared to the previous year. In particular, this summer they order 10% less in European destinations. Of the more than two-thirds to just over half of those who chose to do so in 2023, they do so this year, though it remains a very popular enclave. According to the study: more and more people are exploring their region4% more choose North Asia and 1% more choose Southeast Asia.

Evolution in Europe

In the EMEA region, Spain y: Greece They are the most searched destinations on Skyscanner, a meta-search engine that recorded a record for travel demand in early 2024, with an average duration of six to eight days, indicating a desire to enjoy a holiday in Europe. to the report.

at a great distance Bangkok It is the highest rated destination. Also NY: y: Sydney They are in the top 10. Average trip duration is 11 to 15 days.

What are the global travel booking trends?

Two of the top 10 world destinations for EMEA travelers in 2024 are in Spain, four in Greece. Source: Skyscanner.

On the other hand, metasearch engines also value interest explore new enclaves and move those with new routing connections. Thus, Victoria (Canada), Marmagao (India), Panama City, Bol (Croatia), Pristina (Kosovo) recorded a significant increase in travelers' searches compared to last year.

What are the global travel booking trends?

Trending destinations for EMEA travellers. Source: Skyscanner.

It average trip duration decreased in almost all destinations, except for La Romana in the Dominican Republic and Pristina, Kosovo, where they remained the same, and Tulum, Mexico, which recorded a slight increase to 10 days.

The remaining markets are analyzed

As for the American market, the version? “Everywhere” (across all sites) tops your list of preferences, followed by Tokyo. European capitals such as Rome, Madrid, Paris and Athens continue to be popular, with an average trip duration of 12 to 15 days.

The best destinations for Asia-Pacific travelers from June to August are the most popular European and American destinations that make up the majority of the list. Athens which ranks fifth, has the largest increase in travel time, up 11 days from last year

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