Helldivers 2 Player Accidentally Travels to SuperEarth, Community Envisions Street Battles.

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The planet SuperEarth, our home in Helldivers 2, exists and the player was able to see it from orbit due to a bug.

We've fought on many inhospitable planets since Helldivers 2 hit consoles and PC. Arrowhead Games Studio reached different parameters. with volcanic volcanic tornadoes, wastelands like the Moon, jungles resembling the jungles of Vietnam, completely frozen, and more. We were even on Mars during training.

SuperTierra, our home, remains one of the most mysterious destinations Helldivers 2:. We know it exists because it is in the center of the War Map and has its own liberation marker. However, we cannot visit it because it is classified as an inactive planet, like the vast majority of those in the galaxy.

Despite this, one player managed to park his ship on SuperEarth and see it from orbit. It exists and appears to be playable. Some hell divers state that this is possible due to an in-game bug. It can be forced by stopping the latter and logging in, although it doesn't work 100%.

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Players, myself included, were quick to show their interest in fighting in SuperEarth; “I will not lie. If they attack SuperEarth, the fight in the city streets will be great,” urmovesareweak said in the comments. And it is true. fighting on the streets of our home looks very, very epic. It will be a canonical event in history Helldivers 2:. “I am 100% sure that technically we can lose the war and fight here,” says the author of the post.

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