Holy Week: Top 5 International Business Tours Searched by Argentinians for a 6-Day Super Long Weekend Trip

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  • Other international searches for Argentines this 6-day weekend
  • Perfect plans for this XXXL Easter Week!

In a few days, the Argentinians will enjoy Easter long weekend! It's a time when many families choose travel destinations that offer cultural, religious, adventure experiences, or just to disconnect.

In this maelstrom of destinies there is 5 international cities which are most sought after by Argentinians for it Super Long Weekend for 6 days.

Neither Madrid nor Paris, the European capital that has been the most sought-after tourist destination in recent months

Neither New York nor London. according to experts, these are the 3 most expensive cities in the world to travel to in 2024.

the choice of directions a family getaway this is next long weekend from Easter they apply 5 international locations which is a tourist boom.

From paradisiacal beaches to historic cities, among the most sought-after destinations by Argentines, there are options for every taste (Source: Archive).

According to recent statistics AirbnbLos: following international directions A strong trend is set among Argentine travelers.

  • 1. Punta del Este– With its combination of beautiful beaches, world-class cuisine and vibrant nightlife, Punta del Este remains a favorite among Argentines looking to escape to Uruguay.

  • 2. FlorianpolisKnown for its stunning beaches and laid-back atmosphere, this Brazilian coastal city attracts families looking for sun and fun.

Florianpolis in Brazil is favored by Argentinian families for its stunning beaches and relaxed atmosphere, ideal for a relaxing holiday (Source: Archive).
  • 3. SantiagoChile's capital is a popular destination for its rich history, vibrant culture and access to nearby nature like the Andes.

  • 4. Angra dos ReisLocated on the coast of Brazil, this destination attracts with its paradise islands, crystal clear waters and water activities.

  • 5. UbatubaAnother Brazilian coastal gem, Ubatuba offers a combination of lush rainforests, pristine beaches and a variety of water sports.

Located in Brazil, Ubatuba is located in the tropical jungle and the country's least-explored beaches (Source: Pixabay).

Other international searches for Argentines this 6-day weekend

According to recent data, searches for family travel in Argentina have seen a significant increase over the past year.

Compared to 2023, there has been a more than 20% increase in searches for family vacation destinations.

  • 1. Firecrackers– This Brazilian coastal destination is ideal for families, with its tranquil beaches and wide range of activities for children and adults.

  • 2. Miami– With its warm climate, theme parks and ample entertainment options, Miami remains an attractive destination for Argentine families.

  • 3. Bzios– Known as the “Saint Tropez of Brazil”, Bzios offers charming beaches, gourmet restaurants and an elegant atmosphere perfect for a family holiday.

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Perfect plans for this XXXL Easter Week!

The upcoming XXXL weekend, which coincides with Easter, from March 28 to April 2, offers a unique opportunity to relax and enjoy a well-earned rest.

  • March 28 – Maundy Thursday (non-working). Take the opportunity to plan outdoor activities or outings with friends and family. It's a great time to enjoy a picnic at a nearby park or explore new hiking trails.

  • March 29 – Good Friday (holiday). I dedicated this day to reflection and rest. You can take the opportunity to visit places of cultural or religious interest, such as churches or museums. It is also ideal for enjoying a special dinner at home with your loved ones.

  • March 30 – Holy Week or Holy Week. arranged a day trip to a nearby destination. Whether it's a getaway to the beach, the mountains, or a scenic city, this day is perfect for exploring and enjoying new experiences.

  • March 31 – Easter Sunday (Easter Sunday). Celebrate this day with your loved ones and take part in traditional activities such as an Easter egg hunt or cooking a special family meal. You can also attend religious services if that is part of your tradition.

  • April 1 – a long weekend for tourist purposes. I took advantage of this extra day to plan a longer getaway. You can explore more remote destinations or spend time on activities that require more time, such as a spa day or boat trip.

  • April 2 – Falkland War Veteran's and Martyrs' Day (holiday). This day is an occasion to honor and remember those who gave their lives for the country. You can participate in local commemorations or simply take a moment to reflect on the meaning of this day.

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