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Houthi Officials Vow Retaliation Against US and UK Strikes in Yemen, Pledge to Continue Red Sea Attacks

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By manpreet maan


In the aftermath of the United States and Britain launching strikes on targets in Yemen in response to Iran-backed Houthi militants’ repeated assaults on commercial vessels and military ships in the Red Sea, senior Houthi officials issued strong statements on Saturday. Mohammed Al-Bukhaiti, a member of the Houthi political office, declared on social media, “The American-British aggression against Yemen will not go unanswered, and we will meet escalation with escalation.”

Houthi military spokesman Yahya Saree, also taking to social media, asserted that the strikes “will not pass without response and punishment.” Al-Bukhaiti further emphasized that the group would persist with maritime attacks until Israel’s assault on the Gaza Strip ceased, stating, “The US-British coalition’s bombing of a number of Yemeni provinces will not change our position, and we affirm that our military operations against Israel will continue.”

This latest confrontation follows previous US and British strikes on Houthi positions in January, prompting a similar response from the militant group. Senior Biden administration officials revealed plans for a sustained military campaign against the Houthis. The current strikes in Yemen come on the heels of the US targeting 85 locations in Iraq and Syria, responding to over 165 attacks by Iran-backed militias on US forces since October.

President Biden has emphasized that the US response will occur “at times and places of our choosing.” Iran condemned the US for escalating tensions in the Middle East with the recent strikes, labeling them a “strategic mistake” likely to intensify instability in the region.

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