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Houthis Claim Attack on British and US Ships in Red Sea: EAST CONFLICT LIVE UPDATES

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By manpreet maan


Houthi rebels have asserted responsibility for fresh attacks targeting a British and a US ship in the Red Sea. These incidents raise doubts about the efficacy of recent US-UK strikes on Houthi missile sites in Yemen. While both ships sustained minor damage, the attacks highlight the growing threat posed by Houthi assaults on commercial vessels, potentially leading to increased insurance costs or altered shipping routes to avoid such dangers.

Houthis Claim Attack on British and US Ships in Red Sea

Details of the Attacks

The Houthi spokesperson, Yahya Saree, stated that the attacks targeted the American ship “Star Nasia” and the British ship “Morning Tide.” While the British vessel sustained minor damage to its port, it continued its journey without any casualties reported.

Response and Continuation of Operations

The United Kingdom Maritime Trade Operations agency received reports of a projectile fired at a ship west of Hodeidah, causing slight damage to the bridge windows. Despite these attacks, the vessels and crews remained safe and continued their planned passages.

Saree emphasized that operations against vessels would persist until the cessation of aggression against Palestinians in Gaza.

Stay updated for further developments on these attacks and their implications on maritime security in the region.

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