How to Find Cheap Last-Minute Easter Flights

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When a long weekend or “mini-vacation” is coming up, we always think of planning something out of the ordinary, including going to different destinations, Mostly, these trips are planned at the last minute and on a tight budget, so they are always looking for discounts, especially on airfare.

with the start of easter week There are many people who are thinking about going on a trip but want to do it at a low cost. But for many, this is unlikely, as last-minute flights always have higher prices.

But it is possible. Usually, Airlines usually publish discounts when the high season approaches so that many more tourists are encouraged to travel.

Travel consultant Daniela Jimenez assured that although the opportunities are very few, they can be reached. But he advised that trips should always be planned in advance to avoid ticket sales.

That's why he recommended it buy tickets one or three months in advance, because usually you can get better price tickets with some discount. To do this, JimenezHe assured that it is ideal to be attentive to the news of airlines and travel agencies.

Tips you need to know

It is useful to know some tips for the Despegar platform ideal so you can travel on the cheap and spend a few different days on holiday.

“Travelers are looking for alternatives that allow them to travel easily and without extra costs. For this reason LTravel bundles have become a popular trend because they allow you to order two or more items in one purchase. allowing savings compared to buying the same products separately,” Fernanda Osorio, Despegar's public relations officer, told LR.

He also shared an analysis the company did that showed Travelers who book travel packages with hotel, flight, activity options, among others, can save up to 30% compared to those who order each service separately. “This savings is mainly due to purchasing all services together, simplifying the trip planning process and reducing the risk of backtracking,” he said.

In the case of Falabella trips, a company that also claims that purchases must be made before each trip states that they can achieve discounts of up to 45%.

“At Viajes Falabella we currently have a special Easter in which travelers “If you haven't booked your vacation yet, you can book flights, hotel and breakfast from $890,000 per person to various destinations.”said Daniel Figueroa, Commercial Manager of Viajes Falabella in Colombia.

Most trips are usually with family or groups of friends, which is why the Despegar platform has indicated that providing this data to travel agencies is important. guide the selection of the destination and the planning of the activities to be carried out during the trip.

The agency insists that although you can find last-minute offers, the ideal way to travel more comfortably and safely is to book in advance. “The golden rule is to save on expenses such as buying tickets a month or two in advance for domestic travel and four months for international travel, So travelers will find greater variety in both fares and itineraries, in addition to potential promotions on those select dates.”

Mistakes that can't be made

Uninstalling revealed that there are constant errors and other bad habits that passengers usually do that prevent them from finding last minute deals.

These include lack of flexibility of days and times, usually cheap flights (when there are no offers) They are available on less popular dates and times.

“It is important to consider such aspects as the airport of departure and arrival, the relationship between the price and duration of the flight, the content of the baggage included in the fare and, finally, schedules, because they usually offer cheaper prices at non-traditional times,” he explained.

He also emphasized that if the goal is to save money. Stopover flights cannot be ruled out. “Although some find them inconvenient, they can be a significant saving on the cost of the ticket. Plus, they're a great opportunity to explore airports in destinations you've never had the chance to visit.”

“Another very common mistake is to buy a separate flight from your accommodation. When you buy a package combining flight and accommodation, it is cheaper,” he revealed.

Five tips when looking for cheap flights for high season

DirecTV's travel agency, Mundea, shared with LR, What should be considered in order to be able to travel at affordable prices?

  1. Book early. try to book flights at least a few weeks in advance to take advantage of the lowest fares.
  2. Flexibility of dates and times. miss out on flights on lesser-known days and times, as they usually have cheaper fares.
  3. Use price buyers. use tools like Skyscanner, Kayak or Google Flights to compare prices from different airlines and find the best deals.
  4. Subscribe to price alerts. sign up for sites that send price alerts to receive notifications when you're interested in flight discounts.
  5. Consider alternative airports. research the possibility of flying from airports close to your final destination, as they sometimes offer cheaper fares than major airports.

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