How to travel in an electric car smoothly?

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Can you make long trips in an electric car without problems? The Kia company decided to answer this question by making two of its products available to the specialized press. electric models: EV6 and EV9. Cars that have a lot of space travel with family or with friends, and which are capable of giving pleasure to the person sitting behind the wheel. Moreover, they integrate latest generation technology and great battery capacity.

On paper and at first glance, there are many advantages to electric mobility. so Why is it so difficult to switch to zero emission models? True, it is one of the main obstacles for the vast majority of the public price and autonomy. It should not be overlooked that they are still higher than combustion cars, although the trend will gradually change.

Democratize prices

A few months ago, Ho Sung Song, The president and CEO of Kia summed up the situation in Seoul during the presentation of the new electric models (EV3, EV4 and EV5) coming to the market: “We are clear that there are two obstacles which continue to discourage the majority from buying electric cars; the high price of goods and the inconvenience of loading; To meet customer expectations, we are offering a complete range at different price points and improving access to charging infrastructure.”

All manufacturers are clear about this path, we should democratize electric mobility forcing any user to find an electric model that fits their budget, be it €80,000 or €15,000. In short, electric cars will become available to everyone.

The problem of autonomy

Electric cars will soon adjust their prices to different market niches, however; How about autonomy and the ability to take long trips? This is another big unknown that opens up to the user when deciding on models with zero emissions. The truth is The average that the average driver covers per day is below 50 kilometers. Even with the plug-in hybrid model, you can travel all week in electric mode without running out of gas.

Either of the electric models that Kia has made available to the specialist press, the EV6 and EV9, are more than ten times homologous to that figure. For example, The EV6 allows up to 528 kilometers With a battery with a capacity of 77.4 kWh. In turn, The EV9 can travel 505 kilometers in the WLTP combined cycle with its large 99.8 kWh battery.

In addition, the charging times of these two Kia models are among the lowest on the market. 10 to 80% in EV6 in just 18 minutes; and in 24 minutes on the EV9 using the high capacity charging station. This is possible thanks to On-board charger with 210 kW maximum power and 800 volt technology. These numbers allow you to travel comfortably across the Iberian Peninsula without adding unnecessary travel time. Almost like a car on fire.

Route planner

Another advantage that both Kia vehicles also demonstrated Travel from Madrid to Burgos and back to the capital of Spain, was a smart route planner. A device (also available in other competing brands) that allows the driver to plan their journey depending on the available energy, availability of charging points, traffic conditions or any indication of last minute diversions.

When the navigation system detects that the battery charge is insufficient to reach the destination, it automatically suggests a charging point for the intended route. Besides, shows when, where and how long to charge; and reflects the charging time at the estimated time of arrival and a forecast of the state of charge of the battery in relation not only to the destination but also to the next charging stop.

Electric travel

With all these features in Kia cars, traveling to Burgos lands is simple and relaxing. The ride comfort is very high. The absence of noise contributes to the creation of a favorable atmosphere for driving habitability is huge especially in EV9 though EV6: does not lag behind. The space for the occupants is extremely spacious and allows you to enjoy the journey without discomfort and pressure.

Accelerations when stepping on the pedal to avoid the slower traffic that populates the right lane of the A-1 highway are immediate and exceeding the speed limit is a breeze. One of the problems with electric cars that is, if you don't pay attention to the speedometer, the lack of noise and mastering the asphalt; They minimize the feeling of real speed. Be very careful about fines.

On-board technology

Traveling in an EV6 or EV9 is different than doing it in a combustion car, it's not that it's worse or better, it's just different. quieter and calmer. The driver is more connected to the road. Moreover, thanks to the technological innovations that they install, They help improve the driving experience. The cabin is dominated by instrument and infotainment screens (dual 12.3-inch on the EV6 and triple-panoramic 12.3 + 5.3 + 12.3-inch on the EV9), in addition to head display to take your eyes off the road.

Likewise, with various driver assistance devices (ADAS), the driver only has to focus on enjoying the journey. Definitely, The electric Kia EV6 and EV9 make it possible to take long trips in their seats. Its battery autonomy, intelligent route planner, fast charging and, above all, driving comfort are equal to the pleasure of traveling in any combustion car, and in some ways even surpass it. once and for all you need to lose the fear of doing long drives in an electric car.

This comes at a price

Both the EV6 and EV9 can be purchased from any of the Korean firm's dealers in Spain. Of course, the financial costs are high. The hall The EV6 is priced from €41,280. while the large SUV EV9, it is even more expensive. The price of this model starts from for 80,623 euros.

They are cars that are obviously not affordable for everyone, but they will definitely help bring this technology to the world. The brand's next releases in this segment are EV3, EV4 and EV5 which will arrive from the end of this year and at much more affordable prices.

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