iPhone 16 with iOS 18 will have a historical novelty and a clear copy of Android

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iOS 18, the iPhone SE's operating system, will be unveiled at WWDC 2024. meat from JuneAlong with iPadOS, WatchOS, VisionOS 2 and a new version of macOS, the name of which we won't know until the day of the presentation.

The most customizable screen ever!

A few minutes ago, MacRumors reported that the main screen of the iPhone will have the ability to install icons for the first time. applications freely in the grid, which will allow more screen space and another layout by partially copying Interface: from the beginning Android.

In this regard, iOS 18's AI will allow key focus with features like we described above, and will improve chatbot from Twins from Google.

Apple, with all these changes that have been talked about for months, aims to “catch up” with other tech giants and introduce a coherent AI strategy, allowing this intelligence to improve our lives by helping us “manage life better”. In the words of Gurman.

As mentioned in previous posts, Apple is working on others improvementslike Siri, AI-generated playlists, AI document creation in the iWork suite, suggestions in messages, and more.

The new A18 Pro to rule them all

a17 pro:

In his latest Tech Research Studies report, Jeff Poon notes that Apple is ramping up its production chips earlier than usual in order to have a chance testing the performance of the device in the tests performed and the low performance of the artificial intelligence.

In particular, investor Pu mentions the following.

According to our supply chain checks, we're seeing increasing demand for Apple's A18, while its A17 Pro volume has stabilized since February. We note that Apple's A18 Pro, the 6-GPU variant, will have a larger footprint (compared to the A17 Pro), which could be a trend for edge AI computing.

AI powered Siri

Enlarging the area headquarters that Silicone, meaning it can include more transistors and specialized components. However, if you increase this size, the opposite effect can also occur, meaning that you will be more likely to increase problems from design y: defects in the process of its construction. Furthermore, larger size means higher temperature and therefore worse power efficiency, so Apple faces a big challenge to achieve similar and higher performance, with the same power efficiency as the previous version, but with a larger size and much more sophisticated technology. :

Not only are these the only changes coming to Apple's silicon, but engineers are looking to greatly increase kernels from computational from IA: is integrated motor neuron More powerful.

Before iOS 18, Apple will release iOS 17.5

Before the launch of iOS 18, Apple should release iOS 17.5, a new update that replaces iOS 17.4.1 and targets the big event that will happen in June 2024, as mentioned above.

new music widgets iOS 17

This is the new version will throw for developers almost certainly later this week, probably Thursday or early next week. In it, Apple fixes all the bugs that beta testers find, aiming to release the final version as polished as possible.

Remember that in case you update to the beta version and your device gets damaged, the company is not responsible for the consequences, because no is Official version nor is it signed by the organization, so caution first.

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