It wanted to be an “I Am Legend” MMO and even hired Will Smith, but lost $100 million in just one year;

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Undawn's performance has forced a giant like Tencent to rethink its development philosophy

It won't be the most famous failure, but that doesn't stop it from being one of the biggest failures in history. Single hand is an action-survival video game set in a zombie-filled world that gained some popularity due to the fact that it was sponsored by Will Smith. The actor appeared in the video game's trailer and gave life to a supporting character who appeared in some of the missions available in the early days of the title's life. Whoever was the main character of I Am Legend, a movie perfect for us to remember, could not have saved Tencent from disaster. An optimistic forecast suggests that the company lost over a hundred million dollars with the game.

A game that changed the way Tencent thought

The information arrived thanks to a Reuters reports‚ÄúTencent has seen one of its core games fail. Undawn, the zombie apocalypse shooter that Hollywood star Will Smith was hired to promote, failed miserably despite having the budget is about one billion yuan (about 140 million euros) and more than 300 developers (…) Last month, one year after its launch (in China), Undawn earned $287,000 in revenue.

The numbers are ridiculous when we compare them with the investments made by the company. However, we were also surprised to discover the staggering sum invested in the project. Us We tried Undawn when it was released globally early last summer and the game It seems that it did not have such a big budget.. Especially considering that its PC port was pretty neglected due to the awkward control scheme inherited from its mobile version.

According to the most optimistic estimates, the total revenue of Undawn will be around $40 million, which is still Tencent's loss is about 100 million. This is a huge blow for the company, as it has been looking to change its strategy, abandoning its plan to adapt Western patents to mobile devices, and focusing on “first-party” creations like Undawn. It's a formula that has proven successful with projects from other companies such as Genshin Impact:or from Tencent itself, con Honor of kings. However, this time it did not offer the expected results. It is agreed Lower budget projects are planned to carry out large productions less regularly.

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