It was developed in one morning and remained unchanged for 30 years

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Dave Plummer created the disk formatting dialog interface in 1994

Windows is one step away from turning 40 years old. The first version of the operating system appeared November 1985, and it has not stopped developing since then. However, Microsoft tends to take a long time to update some components of its products.

For example, with Windows 10, it released an updated user interface, but it wasn't until years after its launch that it started getting rid of some of the Windows 95-era icons. Now in Windows 11, it updates programs like Paint. and Memo pad.

Unchanged interface for years

No matter how modern Windows 11 is and all the new features that come with its updates, the system still retains some elements that we can classify as historical. Among them we find disk formatting utility.

Today, if you wanted to format a storage drive from Windows 11, you'll find an emerging advantage that's practically the same as you could find decades ago. In fact, we know exactly who created it.

A former Microsoft developer named Dave Plummer recently shared it some interesting facts about this part of the operating system. Now, the entrepreneur says he created the Format dialog box one rainy morning Since the end of 1994.

Format Disks dialog in Windows 11

He says that they are moving millions of lines of user interface code from Windows 95 to Windows NT, and that the formatting section is very different between systems, so a new interface needs to be created. And Plummer took this task upon himself.

Format Disks dialog in Windows 10

The programmer was not thinking about making a final work, but about providing a temporary solution with the help of a sheet of paper, a pen, Visual C++ 2.0 and Resource Editor. “It wasn't elegant, but it would be until the elegant interface arrived,” he says in a release.

Plummer also set the 32GB limit for the FAT volume format that morning. It's interesting because FAT is able to work with larger volumes, although you need to use the command line to create volumes of this capacity.

A useful disk formatting interface appeared in Windows NT-based operating systems such as Windows 2000 and Windows XP, and it's been with us ever since. All this time, it was mainly a temporary solution, created in 1994.

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