Javier Millay plans to travel to Miami after Easter.

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president Javier Miley He plans to go abroad after Easter. To be recognized “International Ambassador of Light” for the community Jabad LubavitchOrthodox congregation, the head of state was invited to the new Chabad Center on April 10 Bal portIn Miami.

The president will leave with his sister. Carina Miley, Rabbi Shimon Vahnish and businessman Gerardo Wertain, who were nominated for the embassies of Israel and the United States, respectively. The general secretary of the presidency will also receive the award given to Javier Milli by an entity supporting former president Donald Trump.

In the invitation to the event, it is directly stated that he will be awarded the title of International Ambassador of Light. “Her unwavering dedication to spreading freedom, hope and positivity in the face of darkness. “His tireless efforts for Israel and the world community.”

How Javier Mille's international agenda continues

The president plans to leave next June Ukrainewhose president Volodymyr Zelenskyvisited Buenos Aires last December for the inauguration of the leader of the freedom fighters.

His visit to Ukraine will be part of a tour that will include Spain, Germany and France. The President will arrive at the first stop of his trip Madrid: to receive the award Juan de Marianawhich has been given since 2007 to persons associated with liberal thought.

While in Germany will receive the second prize, Friedrich Hayekwho was an Austrian economist, jurist and philosopher, Winner of the Nobel Prize in Economics in 1974 and one of the most important representatives of the Austrian school, to which Milley is loyal. There he will meet with Chancellor Olaf Scholz. Along the same line, it is planned that c France met with President Emmanuel Macron.

Although it is not yet confirmed, it is possible that Javier Mille will be in attendance the G7 summit, which will take place in June in Italy. It should be remembered that Miley met with the Prime Minister of that country in February. Georgia Maloneywho called the Argentine “fascinating”.

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