Larger Sewable Boats!

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By parm maan

The new sizes of hand luggage have been approved. there is little left for us to travel like thisJOE SKIPPER

During the past year, The increase in the price of fuel caused a increase in the cost of plane tickets in Spain and the rest of Europe. This, added to the crisis affecting the region, has forced Spanish travelers to look for cheaper alternatives where they also do not have to spend extra money on luggage.

The size of hand luggage is determined by the company. However, in Air Navigation Law ensures that This baggage must be included in the ticket price. This law does not specify measurements or weight, so airlines can thus set restrictions for their passengers. The recommendation of the International Air Transport Association is that it should not exceed 55 cm x 35 cm x 20 cm.

He European Parliament has approved the combination of activities so that we can travel with hand luggage without additional ticket costs, but the request requires approval European Council. Once the agency approves the change, an effective date will be set.

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