New ‘Parfois’ Backpack for Comfortable Air Travel Without Extra Suitcase Fees

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In recent years, unless we're planning a long trip that requires a significant amount of space, we've adopted the habit of traveling light. This fact, which lies somewhere between necessity and free choice, has increased in boarding queues, where there are many small suitcases and backpacks; a trend that is partly due to the additional fees that very low-cost airlines such as Ryanair or Vueling, among others, apply to hand luggage.

Although, on the plus side, traveling with less luggage isn't all saves us from additional costs for billing but also allows us greater autonomy and lightness during travel, even if it means carrying the weight on our backs instead of dragging it on wheels. This mode is particularly useful for short trips, such as around Easter, when fewer items are required.

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Everyone has their own tricks to avoid baggage checks. from using backpacks and collapsible travel bags to more creative strategies, layering clothes over them, even if the latter are less conventional and risky. And we have ours too advices which for the most part derive from the hands of the new issuing baggage tags, which have been adapted to the new needs of travelers.

A durable Parfois nylon backpack for jet-setting without breaking the bank

This particular time we fell in love One of Parfois' new backpacks, which is ideal for traveling light and without paying extra for hand luggage. This made of durable nylon, which facilitates cleaning and guarantees durability; and its dimensions 25x40x18 centimeters They make it the perfect travel companion to carry in any airplane cabin as hand luggage without the need to check-in and meet airline size standards.

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As for its capacity, this backpack from the Portuguese brand Parfois offers ideal organization thanks to it multiple compartments allowing us to carry everything we need in an organized and affordable way, including the individual shoe section. Moreover, hispadded bags They minimize shoulder discomfort even when the backpack is fully loaded.

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On the other hand, its front closure provides extra security and facilitates quick access to your belongings while traveling. Whether for a weekend getaway or a business trip, this Parfois cabin backpack combines functionality and style to meet the needs of the most modern traveler for €39.99.

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We can't forget to mention one of the things we love most about this travel bag exclusive department for shoes. It's designed so that the sole doesn't stain the rest of our clothes and things, and that's amazing.

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