People eligible to travel on IMSERSO in 2024

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Elderly people on the trip of the IMSERSO tourism project

Elderly people on the trip of the IMSERSO tourism project

As we speak immersewe refer to Institute of Aging and Social Serviceswhich develops its own Tourism program for the elderly and maintaining employment as an additional service to the benefits of the social security system. social security, for the implementation of their mandates and tasks in the field of active aging.

It should be noted that the goal immerse It includes promoting the autonomy of the elderly by facilitating the development of cultural and recreational activities, thus contributing to the improvement of their health and quality of life, thus acting in the prevention of addiction. This includes an important function in terms of active and healthy aging of these older people.

In addition, it contributes to the economic development of the tourism sector, reducing seasonality and, therefore, maintaining employment and economic activity in the low season of this sector.

From: immerse They are working to accommodate this Tourism program social changes and new demands of the elderly. In this sense, that immersewhich is going to carry out a “deep reflection”, as its general secretary Mayte Sancho has already announced.

People who can travel on IMSERSO in 2024

He immerse gathers people who can travel as part of their travel plan Tourism Are people resident in Spain who meet any of these requirements;

  • Be a pensioner of the Spanish social security system.
  • Be a widow pensioner aged fifty-five or over from the Spanish social security system.
  • Be a pensioner or recipient of unemployment benefits or subsidies under other definitions of the Spanish social security system, aged 60 or over.
  • Be an insured person or beneficiary of the Spanish social security system, aged sixty-five or older.
Travel to Madrid with the social tourism program IMSERSO
Elderly people on the trip of the IMSERSO tourism project

In addition, Spaniards living abroad are also included as long as they meet any of the above requirements. Thus, Spaniards living in Germany, Andorra, Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Holland, Italy, Luxembourg, Norway, Portugal, United Kingdom, Sweden and Switzerland will be able to process it in the relevant labor, migration and social sectors. Security departments..

Finally, Spaniards of immigrant origin who have returned to Spain are also taken into account, as long as they are pensioners from public pension systems. Social security of the country or countries to which they emigrated.

Other people who may travel with IMSERSO

From: immerse noted that there are other groups of people who can participate in the trips of this tourism program without meeting the previously mentioned conditions. We are talking, in particular, about the companions of those people who get a place by meeting the requirements.

So people with a place can be accompanied by their spouse or common-law partner without the spouses needing to meet the age or pension requirements. Social security.

Elderly people on the trip of the IMSERSO tourism project
Elderly people on the trip of the IMSERSO tourism project

He immerse clarifies that “they may be accompanied by children with a disability equal to or greater than 45% as long as they travel with their parents and stay in the same room or, if applicable, pay the room supplement.” for double individual use, subject to space availability.

People who travel with IMSERSO must take care of themselves to carry out basic daily activities. This condition also applies to the companions of users who have a seat.

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