Rise of the Ronin is now available on PS5. what did specialist critics think of it?

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Ronin's RiseThe new open world action RPG from Team Ninja (Nio, Ninja Gaiden) is now on sale on PlayStation 5. It's reviewed on Vandal with a score of 8/10, and we emphasize that “the action is so brilliant it makes us forget all about the katanas' claim to fame, leaving us a very enjoyable adventureIf you are starting the adventure, don't miss our guide with all its secrets.

The title is set during the last days of the Tokugawa Shogunate, a turbulent period where The clash of East and West marks a revolution in Japan. As a ronin (non-master samurai), the player can choose which faction he wants to ally with: Sabaku (for the shogunate), Tobaku (against the shogunate), and Obei (western forces) and decide for himself which path to take and which one. to create allies.. Each decision sets the course of the story through a multiple choice system.

What is the rest of the press saying?

Most media outlets have published their analysis and currently have an average figure 76/100 on Metacritic (with 104 articles), the same score on OpenCritic. As always, we'll find some notes that range from excellent to more modest scores criticizing certain aspects of the RPG.

CG Magazine: (90/100) calls it “the near-perfect samurai/ronin open-world RPG” you've been waiting for, with tons of gameplay. Screen Rant: (90/100) say it is “an immersive, epic and historical open world that values ​​the player's timeand also the best Team Ninja game in recent memory.” Shacknews: (90/100) notes that “between solid combat, a diverse open world, and fun characters, Ronin's Rise Team Ninja is the new standard of design excellence.”

Among the analyzes close to the average we can read Games (75/100) that “there are many negative points, but the game has good arguments in his defense and asserted against the competitionsince his game, which is the main one. Clearly suffers in comparison Ghost of Tsushima, whatever they say, redefined samurai games. Sucker Punch's gameplay wasn't perfect, but its open world was much more controllable, charming, engaging, and interesting to explore.” (75/100) says it's an ambitious title with an important theme in Japanese history, though “it doesn't always work well and is confusing, lacking color. fortunately Team Ninja's awesome combat saves the game with razor-sharp precision and memorable battles“.

It is the harshest criticism Variety (50/100).Ronin's Rise a much better game in theory than in practice,” and it doesn’t live up to that “dated graphics, underwhelming combat, and painfully generic characters”.

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