Safety Tips for Easter Travel from Erum Vial

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An important measure for travel safety Easter It is the use of GDR-approved emergency lights such as these ONE LED Emergency Lights from Erum Vial.

Erum Vial, a leader in innovation and road safety, shares tips to ensure safe journeys this coming Easter. With a commitment to promote road safetyA leading road safety company has compiled a list of top recommendations for drivers starting their journey this holiday season.

Trip planning.

• It is important to plan your route before you leave and avoid rush hour traffic. Consider factors such as the presence of children or the elderly and avoid long journeys after work hours to avoid tiredness and fatigue.

Car inspection.

• Performs proper vehicle maintenance including checking tires, lights and fluid levels to ensure safe and smooth travel.

Safe charging.

• Ensures that the load is properly positioned and secured, avoiding loose objects that could become a hazard in the event of sudden braking.

Take breaks every two hours.

• Safety experts strongly recommend taking short breaks every two hours during long car trips.

Responsible driving.

• Respect traffic rules and maintain an appropriate safety distance. Avoid unnecessary risks and drive calm and relaxed.

Always carry an emergency light LED ONE Erum Vial::

An important measure for road safety is the use of DGT approved emergency lights, such as Erum Vial's ONE LED Emergency Lights. These lights not only provide vehicle visibility in emergency situations, but also offer other key functions including:

Advantages of Erum Vial ONE LED emergency lights:

• Connection. ONE LED lights are designed to connect with the DGT 3.0 platform, providing real-time information about the vehicle's location.

• DGT Homologation. They meet the highest safety standards and are approved by the General Directorate of Traffic, ensuring their reliability and efficiency in any situation.

• Durability and efficiency. Made in Spain with high quality materials, ONE LED lights are durable and offer optimal performance for a long time.

• Sustainability. The LEDONE ECO Connected light is a milestone, being the first and only emergency light on the market made from recycled materials and 100% recyclable.

Furthermore, to prioritize the safety of all Spanish drivers this Easter, Erum Vial together with Correos has activated a 10% discount on its emergency lights. The discount is valid from now on all led one emergency lights market.

By following these tips and using technology like ONE LED emergency lights Erum Vial:drivers can help make the roads safer for everyone.


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Photo Caption: LEDONE Emergency Lights

Author: Erum Vial

Photo Caption: LEDONE Emergency Lights

Author: Erum Vial

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