Samsung has packed one of the best Android features into its phones… 8 years late

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You can finally upgrade to One UI while still using your Galaxy device

“Seamless” updates have been mandatory since Android 11, except for Samsung, which has resisted until now

More than 8 years ago, Android 7.0 Nougat updates were released from Google uninterrupted Android operating system to avoid us the difficulty of updating by stopping the use of the device. As you know, in exchange for a little more memory, Android now implements two A/B partitions in which we can install new system versions in the backgroundsomething that all manufacturers have implemented except Samsung, which has always been lazy with this functionality.

And the Mountain View giant has revealed that starting with Android 11, it will be mandatory to accept A/B updates to get Google Play certification. something they didn't dare take away from Samsung despite the South Koreans They have continued to release mobile phones with One UI update in the current process and in the foreground… Till now!

Samsung is finally embracing the A/B (or “seamless”) updates we've all been waiting for on its Galaxy phones for years, eight in particular… We'll finally be able to update One UI while still using the phone. without serious problems!

yes friends Samsung has finally given it a twist and we have the first Galaxy smartphone that can now be upgraded through the process uninterruptedin this case the mid-range Galaxy A55, perhaps due to improvements in standby time in Google's update process. they are done convincing them.

Whether Google finally convinced them or not, The news is official because we have screenshots to prove itand this is also confirmed by various important media outlets like 9to5Google, SamMobile, the most popular in the Samsung ecosystem, and even TheMobileIndian.

It took Samsung 8 years to come up with folding Unattended Android updates which as you know They are installed on the inactive partition and start working after the device is restartedwhich allows us to continue using the terminal in any case while the firmware is downloaded and completes its installation.

As you will see One UI update panel is similar to the current onealthough now the message that is displayed after the installation is accepted “download and install”for Show us the option at the end “restart now” o: “schedule reboot” for the update to take effect permanently.

Samsung has packed one of the best Android features into its phones... 8 years late

Here's how the pending Android “seamless updates” are displayed on the Samsung Galaxy A55

It remains to be seen if existing and/or older Samsung devices that have not previously accepted A/B updates (or uninterrupted) you can start using them nowsomething we assume won't happen, but we understand that if the Galaxy A55 starts using this mode, from now on Any Samsung smartphone will now perform background updates and undetectable to the delight of most of its users.

If it's never too late, if happiness is good. Good for Samsung even though it took 8 years…

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