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‘SNL’ Surprise: Fallon & Timberlake Crash Dakota Johnson’s Monologue

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By manpreet maan

'SNL' Surprise: Fallon & Timberlake Crash Dakota Johnson's Monologue

“Tonight Show” host Jimmy Fallon made a surprise appearance on “Saturday Night Live,” crashing host Dakota Johnson’s opening monologue as she bantered with the night’s musical guest, Justin Timberlake.

A Surprise Cameo on SNL
Jimmy Fallon surprised viewers with an unexpected appearance on “Saturday Night Live” during Dakota Johnson’s opening monologue. The host bantered with the night’s musical guest, Justin Timberlake, creating an entertaining start to the show.

Dakota Johnson’s Opening Monologue
Johnson kicked off the show by reminiscing about her last visit to Studio 8-H in 2015, when she hosted “SNL” after its landmark 40th-anniversary special. She humorously referenced the star-studded audience, including notable figures like Steven Spielberg, George Lucas, and Donald Trump. A photo from that night flashed on screen, with Johnson playfully alluding to Trump’s eventual ascent to the presidency.

Jokes at Trump’s Expense
Without mentioning Trump by name, Johnson made a witty remark about standing close to someone who would later become the most powerful person in America. The comedic approach engaged the audience, setting a lighthearted tone for the evening.

Media Tour for “Madame Web”
Johnson continued by poking fun at her current media tour for the upcoming Sony Pictures thriller “Madame Web.” She humorously expressed her reluctance to interact with journalists, sharing a clip from her pre-teen years rolling her eyes on a red carpet while her father, actor Don Johnson, engaged with reporters.

Justin Timberlake’s Entrance
When Johnson introduced Justin Timberlake as the musical guest, he appeared on stage, feigning confusion about also being expected to host. Timberlake humorously raised his hand, indicating that he had hosted the show five times. He made a risqué joke related to his hit “SexyBack,” adding a playful and comedic element to the monologue.

Jimmy Fallon’s Surprise Appearance
In a surprising turn, Jimmy Fallon made a cameo appearance on stage, wearing a 1970s tan-colored leisure suit reminiscent of the disco era. Fallon’s unexpected presence added an extra layer of humor to the monologue as he wished the host and musical guest good luck.

Timberlake’s Role in “The Barry Gibb Talk Show” Sketch
Later in the show, Timberlake participated in the sketch “The Barry Gibb Talk Show,” alongside Fallon reprising his role as Barry Gibb. Timberlake portrayed the younger Gibb brother, Robin, contributing to the comedic conversation about American politics.

“Weekend Update” Highlights
The “Weekend Update” segment featured zingers about Donald Trump, emphasizing his legal troubles and peculiar behavior on the campaign trail. Colin Jost humorously commented on Trump’s use of the term “de-bank” during a speech, adding a satirical touch to the political commentary.

Surprise Cameos: “Shark Tank” Judges
Barbara Corcoran and Mark Cuban, judges from “Shark Tank,” made surprise cameos in a sketch featuring Johnson as a member of a book club. The sketch showcased Johnson’s character aiming to launch a T-shirt company with a verbose slogan. The unexpected appearances of Corcoran and Cuban added a humorous twist to the storyline, injecting entrepreneurial flair into the skit.

Justin Timberlake’s Musical Performances
Timberlake delivered two musical performances during the show. The first, “Sanctified,” featured a rap by Tobe Nwigwe with accompaniment from a small and elaborately dressed choir. The second, “Selfish,” presented a stripped-down performance accompanied by keyboard and drums, highlighting Timberlake’s musical versatility.

An Entertaining Blend of Comedy and Music
The surprise appearances of Jimmy Fallon, “Shark Tank” judges, and the comedic banter between Dakota Johnson and Justin Timberlake made this episode of “Saturday Night Live” a delightful blend of humor and music. The show successfully engaged the audience with witty monologues, clever sketches, and entertaining musical performances, leaving viewers eagerly anticipating future episodes.

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