The Argentinian revealed his luxury European cruise experience, shocking his followers with the price.

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By parm maan

The video has more than 260 thousand views and more than 22 thousand likes on TikTok (@lautaro.massari)

Young Argentinian Lautaro Massari caused a stir on social media by sharing his experience. luxury cruise through Europe. a Through a video on TikTok, she detailed the surprising aspects of her journey and revealed a shared value that left many followers speechless.

In a video published on his @lautaro.massari, the boy emphasized that the trip was “all inclusive”, which means that everything is included in the price. “There's food all the time, all kinds, you go and get what you want,” the influencer shared. In addition, he highlighted the cruise's luxurious amenities, including staterooms with balconies overlooking the ocean. sea, pools, jacuzzis, gym, casinos, games and theater with live shows.

Also has tables to work with ocean views.Lautaro assured. He also mentioned the countries the cruise visited, including Belgium, France, the Netherlands, England and Germany, with a two-day cruise and total duration. eight days

What was most surprising to many of his followers was the price Lautaro paid for this whole experience; 736 euros. The figure sparked many comments on the post, with users expressing their surprise, with some even comparing the cost of a cruise to everyday costs in Argentina.

“It also has tables so you can work with ocean views,” Lautaro said in a video shared on TikTok.

The video has more than 260 thousand views and more than 22 thousand likes on TikTok. “The price of the cruise is good, the expensive thing is to go to the cruise port if you are in Argentina”, “I don't have enough money for what is offered and the days you are asked to travel”, “It is a cruise… yes or yes, it will have a sea view”. “Folks, it's very cheap, I mean if you go with a family that can afford it, it's expensive, but alone or with friends, it's very cheap. “, – these were some of the comments of the users of the platform.

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