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Starting on April 8, there will be more than a long story eclipse solar totaland it is the only one that will have such characteristics until 2044, so taking pictures may be more than necessary.

If you are going to witness this astronomical phenomenon where the Moon comes between the Earth and the Sun, casting a shadow that briefly turns day into night for those in its path, this brief guide will allow you to take the best photos.

A solar eclipse has its own tricks for taking pictures.

Photographing the eclipse. All you need to remember

First of all, it is necessary to emphasize that in no case. you should never look directly at the sun (eclipse or not) without proper eye protection, any day of the year.

And moreover, it is necessary consider realistic goals. Smartphones, despite their advances, cannot replicate the detailed sky photography of professional equipment, as most smartphone light sensors are smaller in size. More babies!.

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Los smartphones They usually have digital zoom, unlike the optical zoom of DSLR cameras, which degrades the quality as the image gets larger. However, a little preparation. practice and the right equipmentimpressive results can be achieved.

The best areas to view the eclipse can be had limited cell phone service. While it may be tempting to live stream the experience, to ensure you capture the best images, it is better to record the eclipse and publish later.

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Gather your team. Sunglasses are not enough. At the very least, make sure you have a pair of eclipse glasses or a safe handheld solar viewer to protect your vision. Safety sunglasses and sunglasses are much darker than regular sunglasses and must meet the international standard ISO-12312-2, according to NASA.

Prolonged sun exposure can may damage the camera lens smartphones, but it's generally considered safe if done for a short time. The latest smartphones with larger, faster lenses may be at greater risk.

When in doubt, defense is better. What is needed to care for lenses during an eclipse?

to be careful sunscreen 0 (or extra eclipse glasses that stick to the phone) can Protect the camera lens. You can use this filter before and after completion.

A smartphone tripod can help reduce tremors and produce sharp images in low light and especially important if you want to record an eclipse. If you already have a tripod for other types of cameras, you can buy one a special holder for fixing the phone to the unit.

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And one of the most important tips. turn off the flash. Not just to not disturb other viewers of the eclipse, but to use it It won't help you capture the eclipse. Most phone camera apps use a lightning bolt icon to represent the flash. Tap the icon to turn it off.

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