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An Argentinian couple has gone viral sharing why it's a great time to travel Japan and why is it so cheap? According to what they say on the networks, Ailu and Lea are dedicated to visiting every corner of the world and sharing their experiences with their followers.

The video, shared by user @sinturbulencias on TikTok, explains: “It's never been cheaper than it is now. The exchange rate against the yen has been much cheaper recently. The most expensive is usually the flights, but once there, everything is very cheap.”

The young woman emphasized the accommodation first of all, for 30 euros for two people, and if you go to a shared room, the price can reach 17 euros. “Five-star hotels starting from 50 euros,” he mentioned.

Japanese culture


He is Argentinian, lives in Japan and has shared a viral video showing discipline on the streets of the Asian country.

In turn, the Argentinian couple was surprised to see the food prices. It onigiria typical Japanese dish consisting of a stuffed rice ball. They were only 1 euro. In addition, a bowl of ramen costs less than €5, egg sandwiches €2 and a classic hamburger €4.

An Argentinian couple have gone viral after explaining why traveling to Japan has
An Argentinian couple have gone viral after explaining why traveling to Japan has “never been so cheap”. (Video shooting)

Finally, they explained that the country offers a wide variety of public services for travel, such as night buses and trains.

It is forbidden to do in Japan


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As they explained, tourists can travel from Tokyo to Kyoto for only 45 euros. “Transport in the cities costs less than 2 euros,” they closed. The video had thousands of views and hundreds of likes.

Living in Japan


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