The most common traffic fines to avoid this Easter while traveling by road.

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with the arrival of easter week
Authorities estimate that there are about 10 million vehicles in Colombia prepare for road trips whether to visit family enjoy a well-earned rest or partake in it religious activity.

However, before hitting the road, it is necessary to remember the rules of the road and avoid such violations that can lead to significant financial fines and, even more importantly, endangering the safety of all vehicle occupants and other users. of the road.

And, it is true, during the traffic season, traffic control is strengthened on the roads of the republic in order to maintain traffic order. That's why the authorities warn about the many traffic violations that are commonly committed.

Police are monitoring traffic on the Easter holiday

Photo: Bogotá City Hall

The most common violations during Holy Week and their penalty

  • Exceeding speed limits

    Driving at a higher speed than the permitted speed not only endangers the lives of the passengers in the car, but also the lives of other road users. Violation of National Highway Traffic Code C29 sets $650,000 in fines in 2024 for speeding drivers.

  • Overtaking in a prohibited place

    Overtaking in unauthorized areas a a violation that may have serious consequences; Failure to comply with the overtaking provisions of Act 769 carries a financial penalty of $1,300,000.

  • Dangerous exercises

    Performing highly dangerous maneuvers puts the safety of all road users at risk. According to the D7 code. This violation entails a fine of 1,300,000 dollars, in addition to the possible immobilization of the vehicle.

    Traffic charges and fines

    Photo: Ministry of Mobility

  • Travel without a regulatory package, mushroom or outdated techno-mechanics

    Traveling without road kit, nutrition or an expired technical-mechanical inspection is a violation of the National Highway Traffic Code and incurs fines. For example, Driving with an expired Soat and/or Technomechanics carries a $1,300,000 fine. while the fine for not wearing road gear properly is $650,000.

  • Improper use of seat belt
    Seat belt abuse is an offense that can not only be costly, with a $650,000 fine under Article C06 in 2024, but also: in the event of an accident, in the event of an accident, it endangers the safety of those traveling in the car.

In conclusion, before you hit the road this Easter, it is important to respect the traffic rules, Maintain safe driving and avoid behaviors that may endanger your life or the lives of others.

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