The most conveniently located city in Spain for traveling from anywhere on the peninsula

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This is the best city in Spain to travel from anywhere on the peninsula

At the onset of good weather, any reason is good to get away. Tour of cities and tourist destinations Spain is something that many of us like. When free days are few, distance plays a more than important role in deciding the destination. Just the idea of ​​driving back and forth can give you more than one headache.

Travel enthusiasts certainly know this Pedraza, a city located in the autonomous community of Castile and León is one of the cities best located for travel from anywhere on the map. The city holds this title because it is located one and a half hours from Madrid, eight hours from Tarifa, six hours from Cape Finisterre and four and a half hours from Valencia. But distance is not the only thing that attracts Pedraza, as it has a large number of attractions.

Currently, and according to INE, it has only 358 inhabitants, but it has many great attractions that make it the perfect place for a weekend with family, friends or a couple.

A unique medieval city

Since 1951, it has the reputation of being a “Historical Complex”. It is a city of medieval origin, where intact palaces and mansions of the 16th and 17th centuries have been preserved, topped with their coats of arms. The city's biggest tourist attraction is its noble mansions, palaces, heraldic shields and medieval atmosphere. Its main square is a meeting place for locals and visitors. In the Middle Ages it was a large fortified city with high commercial activity, which is why Pedrasa is one of the rural inland destinations par excellence thanks to its tranquility, history, gastronomy and the landscape that surrounds it.

What to see in Pedraza?

With so many attractions, it's a perfect city to visit even alone. The main things to visit in the city are:

  • Pedraza CastleIts origins date back to the 13th century, and it is located on the outskirts of the city, ten minutes' walk from the Plaza Mayor. It was built on top of an Arab fort and renovated in the 20th century.
  • The streets of PedrazaMain streets such as Calle Real, Calle Mayor and Calle de la Calzada are the undisputed symbol of the city. To walk through them is to breathe in the purest medieval atmosphere. Although there are always visitors, it has managed to preserve its essence. Narrow, cobbled streets give way to beautiful architecture and flowery terraces with a special charm.
  • Main square. The Plaza Mayor of Pedraza is the most representative place in the city. It houses the town hall, the town church and several stately homes that are now restaurants. It is considered one of the most beautiful squares of the whole country.
  • Saint Mary's ChurchAlthough it is a ruin, it is a must-see. It is a 12th century Romanesque church acquired in 1926 by the artist Ignacio Zuloaga.
  • Villa Gate:From this gate one can enter the walled complex of the city. It dates back to the 11th century and preserves the shield of Inigo Fernández de Velasco, lord of Pedraza, from the 16th century.
  • Old city prisonThe old prison of the villa is a 13th-century building preserved as a museum that recreates the lives of prisoners in medieval prisons.

  • Pedraza Candlelight Night. Pedraza Candlelight Night is celebrated on the first two Saturdays of July. The city is lit by thousands of candles, without street or house lights. A very special night celebrated since 1993 and you can see candles in windows, balconies, on the ground forming words or pictures. Also, absolute silence is required to gain experience for all the senses.

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