The research found that electrons move in the fourth dimension; Teach me about science

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From high school we are taught all about atomic models, a lot briefly but they teach it. There are some particles called electrons. Those little particles that make up the essence the same of matter, has once again surprised the scientific community, moving at a speed that borders on the speed of light, and not in the three-dimensional space we are used to, these electrons seem to move in a mysterious four-dimensional space. What before? It felt like science is a reality that shakes everything we know about quantum physics.

A team of physicists led by Dr. Ryuhei Oka from Ehime University, Japanmade an unprecedented breakthrough by observing electrons moving at super-fast speeds through space. four sizes. This discovery updates our current understanding nature of matter, just imagine how many there are opportunities technological and scientific we can create.

But going back to the study, it turned out that in order to carry out this experiment, scientists focused on a special substance known as: bis(ethylenedithio)-tetrathiafulvalenepolymer superconductor. What they found was truly something that had never been seen before; Dirac electrons, particles characterized by having no mass, allowing them reach incredible speeds. These electrons, in addition to moving in the three dimensions as we know them, they also go through what experts have called “energy plane“, a space where time and energy They intertwine in a completely new way.

But what applications can we have from this experience?

Dirac electrons are closely related to topological materials, materials with properties AWESOME! which can revolutionize future technology nowhere doubts. However, studying these electrons is not an easy task. To him coexistence in the case of normal electrons, their detection and measurement is still a problem for science.

Well, to overcome this obstacle, scientists have used an innovative technique called electron spin resonance. This technique allowed them to observe how electrons interact with the field magnetic, using the spin charge distribution of electrons to distinguish them from their standard counterparts. What they discovered was just that speed these electrons move revealing that in fact NO E.S PERMANENTLYbut varies with factors such as temperature and magnetic field angle.

The possibilities are many, electrons moving in the fourth dimension will revolutionize the field of physics. SOURCE: Getty images

If all goes well, this discovery will allow us to gain insight into how we view our future, with implications that may change our understanding of the future. universe, but at subatomic levelsbone There exist Dirac electrons moving in four dimensions force us to reconsider the fundamental laws that govern quantum worldo.

But beyond mere research scientificthis discovery can make us start creating revolutionary technologies. Just imagine the possibilities: electronic devices super fastnext-generation quantum computers and materials with as-yet-unknown properties that could change how we interact with the world around us; smartphones where your information basically arrives instantly, satellites that are placed orbit with over communication so effective that no you will need never worry whether you receive the signal or not. Everything it's possible.

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