The traveler shares the cost of his European cruise trip and is surprised by the answer. ‘Two Days in Mar Del Plata’

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influential of TikTok:, Lautaro Massariwent viral by sharing her experience on social media Cruise to Europe. In his video, he elaborated what did he pay for this trip with two friends?emphasizing that package: everything you need to enjoy is included touring countries such as Germany, France and Belgium.

In addition to showing details cruise facilities and servicesThe 21-year-old revealed cost of travelleaving his followers surprised by the affordability of this experience.

It is to travel the world a dream for manyand this young influencer managed to show that with proper planning, Unforgettable experiences can be enjoyed at popular tourist spots.

One of the influencers told how much the European cruise trip cost him and was surprised by his answer. “Two Days in Mar Del Plata”

This is what it's like to travel on a cruise in Europe

In your video, Lautaro He began by saying:Inside, everything is luxurious. The room has a bathroom, beds and a balcony with a sea view. Besides having jacuzzis, swimming pools, gym, casino, games and even a theaterexplained that the place offers “Food at all times, of all kinds.”

“It also has desks to work with ocean views.”assured the tiktoker that he was able to use it to travel and see the countries Europe how Belgium, France, Netherlands, England y: Germany.

At the time of revealing the prices, Lautaro was surprised, saying the following. “There is a two-day cruise in the middle. There are eight days in total.”. Overall, for an incredible experience, He spent the figure of 736 euros. I mean, some 680 thousand Argentine pesos.

“I don't have enough money for what is offered” o: “What I spent two days in Mar del Plata”were some of the comments the video received the relationship between price and services; However, the experience Lautaro went viral inside TikTok: and received thousands of visits.

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