There is no route worse than the one that leads to the gallows.

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By parm maan

We're in Easter and many have gone to enjoy a well-deserved holiday, while others are about to do so. All this despite the fact that the prices of tourist services have increased quite recently. Some of us look longingly at hotel room or flight prices a few years ago, where inflation hadn't eroded our purchasing power.

Despite the price, some studies show this 8 out of 10 Spaniards do not want to give up their holiday disconnect from everyday life, which is evident in traffic jams, sold-out hotel reservations, and overcrowded airports. Of those who take a few days off, inter 15-20% ask for a loan to finance themselves. It's not new, but it's a growing trend, despite the high rates that have seen the number of travel loan inquiries triple since 2021.

But the hunger is coupled with the desire to eat, because there is an excess of idle liquidity in the financial system, which causes; a wide mix of travel credit offersnot only by banks, but also by financial institutions specializing in credit, which are mushrooming, and even better, companies outside of this sector, joining the easy money bandwagon popular in telecommunications and technology. other. It is actually the traditional method of having easy credit use of credit cards, which today are also issued by major stores and others.

We need to increase the ease of obtaining the desired loan by requesting it online, from home, within minutes, with the amount invested in 24 hours and with very affordable repayments. Just search “travel loans” on Google and 629,000 results appear in 0.32 seconds, indicating that it is a booming business. Getting a loan has never been easier. Now you have to read the fine print with extreme care because The faster and easier the concession, the harder the fall.. A lack of financial culture can turn our dream trip into hell, as has already happened with some revolving card customers who understated payments to hide the truth and never paid back the outstanding debt.

Cervantes said that there is no bad way to go except the one that leads you to the gallows, and this can happen to those who, without opening commissions, allow themselves to be swayed by the song of some offers, but apply an APR that seems; kidding aside, and it can do deadly damage to our finances.

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