This summer, residents of Almeria will have access to travel to 15 international destinations and eight Spanish destinations.

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Tuesday, March 26, 2024, 11:54 p.m.

The international opening of Almeria Airport also kicks off this summer season, which starts on Sunday March 31 and runs until October 27, and will have a total of 15 European destinations, in addition to eight Spanish destinations, to travel to new cities from , which remain throughout the year.

In Europe, airlines will connect Almería with airport facilities in Brussels (Brussels and Charleroi), Belgium; London (Stansted and Gatwick), Bristol, Birmingham, Leeds and Manchester, United Kingdom; Bratislava, Slovakia; Warsaw, Poland; Keflavik, in Iceland; Porto, Portugal; Paris, France; Prague and Brno in the Czech Republic; Rotterdam, in Holland; and Luxembourg.

As for the national territory, the destinations will be Barcelona, ​​Madrid, Bilbao, Palma de Mallorca, Melilla, Seville, Santiago de Compostela and Zaragoza.

In addition to connections with these cities, there will also be very special charter operations from Almeria Airport (one or two flights) in both directions; one national (Asturia) and the other international (Tirana, in Albania).

Therefore, Almeria will maintain a total of 23 air destinations in the coming months, which include scheduled and charter flights, in accordance with the changing demands of the season, up to almost 655,000 seats.

This is clear because IDEAL was informed by the Spanish public company Aena, which manages airports of general interest in Spain, from data on seating and movement schedules provided by airlines; Although this aviation organization warns that “fluctuations may occur throughout the period, as air transport is a dynamic sector.”

Moreover, the fact that the new season starts on March 31 does not mean, as Aena explains, that all destinations will start operating on the same day.

The company, which manages Spanish airport facilities, also highlighted that, in order to “facilitate traffic engagement”, Aena has approved an incentive package for 32 airports and heliports with fewer than three million passengers in 2023, including Almeria. . A measure by which “airlines will be exempt from paying per passenger for three consecutive years for all passengers, with an additional year in 2023.”

Prices and flights

To find out in detail when it is best to fly to new destinations, aeroAlmería info has prepared a table that includes a series of the cheapest one-way prices for each route until September 30, 2024, updated as of March 15, 2024; and below are the best deals from Almeria for less than €50.

As for national destinations, the cheapest to fly to Barcelona is €37 in April, €24 in May, €25 in June, €37 in July and August and €43 in September. The best offer to go to Bilbao airport will be in July for 42 euros.

Likewise, a trip to the Spanish capital will be possible for €42 for several days over months, with Seville retaining the cheapest ticket at €49. Finally, as an honorable mention, trips to Palma de Mallorca in June, July, August and September cost €53.

It is also possible to leave the country at ridiculous prices. Birmingham Airport will have connections for 37 euros during the month of May. Similarly, Bristol also costs €37 for a one-way ticket, while London Stansted Airport will be available for €28 in April and €39 in May, while Leeds will be €37. in the same month. Within the UK, the cheapest flight to Manchester is €23 in April, although it is also possible to visit the city in May for €33 and in July for €38.

Those who want to visit Belgium are in luck, because there will be a connection with Brussels Charleroi airport for 28 euros in April and 46 euros in September.

City of Light lovers also have flights to Paris or Disneyland starting at €44 in April, May and July, and as cheap as €39 in June.

Another honorable mention is the connection from Almería to Luxembourg, with journeys from €58 in July and June.

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