This will be a redesign of the console, reports eXputer

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Aside from the color changes, the console would arrive without a disc reader

The new generation of Microsoft consoles is very close to the end of three and a half years on the market, and we have reason to believe that the renewal; the most powerful offer The Redmond giant is on the way. Images were released this Thursday showing what appears to be a white Xbox Series X without a disc reader.

We come across three screenshots, which, although of very low quality, can provide us with more than interesting information about Microsoft's programs. The material came from a little-known Emirati network called eXputer, but The Verge says it has seen additional documents that suggest the leaked images are real.

All white Xbox Seres

The source states that the console will arrive with some new features at the hardware level. The most obvious would be the lack of a disc reader, so that would be a suggestion completely digital. Internally, it will also include an improved cooling system. There seem to be no other significant changes, at least according to the leak.

If we focus on the price, there is no clear horizon. eXputer notes that the console could hit the market for $50 to $100 less than the $499 Xbox Series X retails for in the US market. In any case, it would be a slightly cheaper option.

Images of an all-white Xbox Series The case between Microsoft and the FTC The acquisition of Activision Blizzard led to the inadvertent release of documents detailing some of the company's future plans for the video game market.

Those documents, specifically, talked about the Xbox Series There was also talk about storage levels, wireless connectivity, ports, and even processor improvements. The planned release date for this panel was 2024.

Phil Spencer, however, later pointed out that slides are out of date and those things they had changed a lot. After a while, Microsoft did talk about next-gen Xbox hardware, though it wasn't clear if it was a desktop console, a portable console, or what kind of product.

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