Three cities are in the top five.

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He Upper Valley It is the most expensive place in the country to travel by public transport. Without national government subsidies, ticket that collective In the region, it has become the most expensive in Argentina. AND: mayors caused to moderate the overall effect.

In fact, three of the five most expensive cities to travel by bus today are in the region. It is the “red zone” of public transport tickets that fluctuate $850 and $940 only to move within the ejidos.

Interest rate rating published Argentine Association of Road Transport Entrepreneurs (AAETA) days in advance, detailing how much it costs to travel to each location.

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The bus ticket was renewed three times this year in Neuken.

The bus ticket was renewed three times this year in Neuken.

Omar Novoa

It is the most expensive ticket in the ranking of the association, which measures 58 cities of the country Bariloche and costs $980 to move within the city.

The problem has been affecting the region for some time now, and mayors want to standardize standards so bus fares don't go up (more) because: For some distances it is even convenient to travel by car. to go to work.

One of the removal alternatives Compensation fundwhich are transfers from the nation state to transportation companies, creates a fuel tax regional.

Neuquén capital regulates that rate, as do Cipolletti and Centenario, which are part of Alto Valle's most expensive urban ring.

Alto Valle. The Centenario is the second most expensive

Now, the fare ranking published by AAETA ranks the region with the highest prices in Argentina, and General Roca in the state of Río Negro ranks as the second most expensive bus ticket in the country. It costs $940 for a city trip in that city.

In the fourth place in the country is the Centenario, with a city ticket of $853, provided by the company. Pehuenche SA. It will be the most expensive city in the province of Neuquen to travel by bus. Even more amazing is that the long-distance service, that is, the one connecting Centenario-Neuquén, is a little more than 1100 dollars.

The SUBE card is used to pay for school and Tren del Valle tickets.

The latest fare increase on Centenario was 70%, confirmed by the company Pehuenche, amid claims of the impossibility of continuing the service due to a drop in national subsidies.

Cipolletti, meanwhile, ranks fifth in the country and fourth in the region for the most expensive fare at $850 per ticket in the city.

There is also another interest in the area. San Antonio Oeste in Rio Negro has an $800 ticket and ranks seventh in the nation. But Viedma, a short distance away, is 45th, with a city fare of $300.

And in the city of Neuken?

According to the ranking prepared by AAETA, the city of Neuquen is in the 40th place: A $450 bill within city limits. The rating was updated five days ago and is accurate Neuquén capital adjusted its values ​​on Monday and is therefore now in 33rd place, together with the city of Obera in Misiones.

The capital of the province is the city that transports the most passengers per day, and where the price of the ticket was somewhat “floored”. The municipality of Neuken informed that the price increased to 675.50 dollars. For that reason, it is estimated that it rose from the 40th position, where it was until a few hours ago.

He Alto Valle has a large disparity in public transport prices. D: e In fact, AMBA (Greater Buenos Aires Area) is where the ticket is relatively cheap. It sits at $270 and ranks #50 on the AAETA.

Thus, traveling by bus in Alto Valle is no longer a cheaper alternative to a car.

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