Tips for Extended Flights and Precautions Before Traveling to the Caribbean

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There are those who avoid choosing far-flung vacation destinations to avoid spending too many hours on a plane, either out of fear of flying or simply out of boredom. But there are places in the world that you can't miss and that are worth spending long hours flying, like some Caribbean destinations.

It is true that years ago, in addition to endless hours of flight, one or even several stops were necessary to reach these tourist destinations, but nowadays, direct flights from Madrid to Santo Domingo, for example, are possible. .

In addition, there are a number of simple tips that can be followed to make this type of trip as comfortable as possible, which we will learn about below.

Travel long distances in comfort with these tips

A long-haul trip, according to the Aviation Handbook, is one that exceeds 3,000 kilometers and three and a half hours, but in this case we are talking about even longer trips, because from the peninsula to the Caribbean islands; usually the journey will be around eight hours. But whether it's a trip of three and a half hours or up to 12 hours, the advice to follow is the same and very simple to apply.

  • First, in order not to be overwhelmed by the number of hours spent on the plane, the most important thing is to think that it is part of the trip, i.e. vacation, so it is time. start enjoying.
  • Another extremely important aspect of being comfortable on such a long journey is undoubtedly the clothes we wear. Therefore, it is recommended to choose a comfortable outfit, preferably a tracksuit or sportswear, as well as comfortable shoes, such as sneakers.
  • And as for the comfort, it is worth noting that during a trip lasting so many hours, the most common thing to do is to sleep, even if only for a while. To do this best, it is recommended to have a pillow or travel pillow to avoid further neck pain. And if you have trouble sleeping, it's better to bring headphones and an eye mask.
  • Another top tip is to carry light hand luggage with only the essentials. In addition, it is recommended to divide it carefully so that it is easy to find what we need at any time. To do this, prepare a toiletry bag with basic toiletries, another with chargers and other electronic accessories and third, most importantly, with the medicine you need, always remembering that it must be accompanied by a prescription.
  • Considering the pressure that the plane reaches, it is possible to feel some discomfort. To avoid it or at least minimize it, it is recommended to eat very heavily the day before.
  • Also with food, if you require a special diet, it's best to mention this to the airline or, once the trip has started, to the flight crew.
  • On the other hand, it is recommended to be perfectly hydrated by drinking water regularly. But not only that, it is also recommended to carry some moisturizer and eye drops in the aforementioned toiletry bag if necessary.
  • It is not advisable to remain seated during the entire trip, so it is recommended to get up from time to time and, if this is not possible, stretch on the seat.
  • The flight hours are long, so besides sleeping, eating and stretching, we still have a lot of time left. To avoid boredom, it is recommended to take a book, an electronic device with downloaded series or movies, hobbies or games or anything that can entertain.

Everything you need to know before traveling to the Caribbean

All of the above are tips to keep in mind when we board a plane to the Caribbean, but before embarking on the adventure, there are other extremely important aspects to consider.

The most important thing is to choose the desired destination first, taking into account both the budget and the time available for travel.

After choosing a place, you need to consider what are all the essential requirements that you need to meet in order to travel there, mainly in terms of bureaucracy and health.

And as for the days before the trip, there comes a very important moment: preparing the suitcase. Adapt the clothes you are going to keep to the destination, in terms of the climate, but also taking into account the type of activities you will be doing there.

In the suitcase of a person going to the Caribbean, one cannot miss among the essentials, without a doubt, sunscreen and mosquito repellent stand out.

Finally, just before leaving for the airport, check that you have everything except your suitcase, you can't forget hygiene items, necessary electronic devices and their chargers, medicines and of course your ticket or boarding pass and the necessary documents, in this case, except your national ID from the document, a passport is also needed.

With all this, you will be ready to go to the Caribbean. It's time to start enjoying.

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