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Credit trading app Cashea has joined forces with travel agency Pachamama Trip for Holy Week 2024 to offer trips to the Keys during the holiday season.

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Through a post on her Instagram account, Kashia published the packages that she offers to pay the agency in installments. All are full day packages to the Keys: Sombrero, Sal, Muerto and Cayo Azul.

Trips offered by this alliance are scheduled on Thursday, Friday and Sunday of Holy Week (March 28, 29 and 31 respectively). By paying just an advance fee of less than $22, you can visit these Keys attractions.

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Pachamama Trip Packages in Cashew

Thursday March 28

  • Cayo Sombrero: cost $49, original $19.60 + 3 pieces $9.80 each.
  • Cayo Muerto: $46 value, original $18.44 + 3 items $9.20 each.

Friday March 29
Sal Cay: cost $47, original $18.80 + 3 pieces $9.40 each.

Sunday March 31
Cayo Azul: Value $53, initial $21.20 + 3 installments $10.60 each.

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