Traveling to this Destination in Venezuela: What to Do and How Much Does it Cost?

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When someone asks you: “What can I do in Venezuela?” Going to Canaima is one of those plans that fills you with pride. You know the advice won't leave you wrong.

“Your hair stands on end when you see Angel Falls”, “You feel an incredible energy at the top of Tepui”, “You become a new person”, this is what some of those who go to this destination say, and they speak sensibly. Kanaima and its nature have a special energy.

This place has plans for everyone, from options to explore with family and friends, weddings, adventure travel and spiritual retreats. It is not for nothing that grandparents are the main characters of the animated film Up They saved their lives from Disney in hopes of being able to travel to a place called “Paradise Falls,” which refers to Angel Falls in the national park. CanaimaBolivar State, Venezuela.

For years, foreigners have shown special interest in this place. How to forget? “boom” Thanks to a YouTuber video about a tourist destination in 2021 Mexican Alex Tienda and his reaction when visiting him. “Speechless”. That was what he expressed after witnessing the highest waterfall in the world. At that time, the destination became more positioned on the Internet, having a high recovery of visits not only internationally, but also locally.

Visiting Canaima is a more organized process than you might think. Before knowing the exact price, it is important to understand the details and the logistics involved. Here we share them with you.

The first thing in Kanaima?

A major tourist attraction is Canaima National Park, a vast protected area with diverse natural landscapes. There you can find everything from waterfalls to gorgeous tepuis (those unique plateaus in the region). There are about 115 tepuis between the Orinoco River and the Amazon.

Some of the most famous tepuis in Kanaima are: Kukena, famous for its impressive verticality and its impressive waterfall pouring from its peak; Auyantepui, this tepuy is known as the home of Angel Falls, the tallest waterfall in the world, and Autana, located in the southeast corner of Canaima National Park, is famous for its underlying mysterious cave and vertical walls.

Canaima is also home to Canaima Bay, a variety of indigenous community villages, waterfalls and rivers such as Salto Sapo and Sapito, among others.

How much does it cost to go to Canaima?

The journey of three nights and four days begins $840 – $1095 dollars per person departing from Maiquetía. This usually includes the flight, accommodation, three meals and some tourist transfers. It all depends on the package agreed with the travel agency, but for the most part they all offer something very similar. The price may vary depending on the season, room type and hotel category.

According to Rafael Andari, owner of Andari travel agency, the price difference between high season and low season is $100-200 p/p.

The most visited months are national holidays such as Carnival, Easter, school holidays (June, July and August) and Christmas (December-January).

According to Andari, the most recommended campsites are Campamento Canaima and Waku Lodge. Another cost to consider is the indigenous community tax to enter the national park, which is $40.

It is important. Packages or flights have fixed days. You can't go any day of the week. There are only two round-trip options, departing on Thursday and returning on Sunday; or leave on a Sunday and return on a Thursday.

For example, this is what is included in the package with Camp Canaima:

  • Direct direct flight Maiquetía-Canaima-Maiquetía with a modern Embraer 190 from Conviasa. 23 kg check-in and 5 kg hand luggage allowance per person.
  • Transfer Airport – Hotel – Airport in Kanaima.
  • Accommodation for your entire stay (3 or 4 nights depending on the package you choose).
  • All dishes, natural juices and coffee.
  • Excursion by curiaras through Canaima Bay, visiting Hacha, Sapo and/or Golondrina waterfalls depending on the water level.
  • Use of paddle and kayak equipment in the bay.
  • Umbrellas and beach chair service to enjoy a beach day at our Canaima Bay.

How much does it cost to go to Angel Falls?

A visit to the tallest waterfall in the world is usually not included in these packages. You have to coordinate with the tour guides and Angel Falls Full Day is $295 per person and if you want to stay overnight it will be $350 per person.

Helicopter flights cost 500 dollars and are designed for 4 people.

What activities can you do in Kanaima?

Activities offered by tourists and tour guides. visit Salto el Hacha, Salto La Golondrina, flight over Angel Falls, helicopter trips landing in tepuis, Kayaking in La Laguna. blue well excursion in Curiara among others.

How to coordinate a trip to Canaima?

The travel agencies contacted for this article are:

  • Rafael Andari – Viajes Andari CA
    Instagram: @viajesandarics and phone: +58 424-6279416 or 0017862005543
  • Canaima Camp @wakawena +5
  • Viajes Humboldt 02129185222 or WhatsApp +58 412-2614445

These companies serve through WhatsApp and Instagram. And their payment methods are USD or EUR cash, Zelle, and international bank transfers (many have accounts in the US, Panama, and Europe).

Editor's Note: These are the prices and options for March 2024.

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