What should I wear while traveling? Five comfortable outfits that complement airport fashion

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A style that combines comfort with elegance while always looking good cool while we travel

It's safe to say that the Easter holidays have officially begun and we have the keys to forget about it appearance bored while traveling. Sportswear used to be the most coveted item, but believe me, it's a thing of the past. We have found the five items that cannot be missing from our capsule wardrobe and therefore on the trips we will take from now on, regardless of destination. It's like saying the destination doesn't matter, but the company, well, the same, but in basic clothing.

Just as you show in yourself appearance from street styleare our greatest sources of inspiration influencers. They are the ones who really They travel 24/7 from one place in the world to another and the one who knows the trends best, both in clothes and fashion accessories and sports shoes. We promise that the latter will never be lacking among us the outfits while we travel.

Five essentials for comfortable travel

Striped sweater

First of all, even if it is the middle of summer, a striped sweater should not be missing from us look, especially when traveling by public transport. We found this style at H&M and even though it's basic, it gives us a lot of comfort and looks great on us. The price of this jersey is 29.99 euros.

*Some prices may have changed since last revision

Leggings negro

Basic clothing like black leggings that we use from gymnastics to a look aesthetic, it's perfect for wearing on long trips. Unlike pants or jeans, Because it is made of stretchy fabrics, it fits perfectly, becoming like a second skin.. We found this model at Lefties for €3.99.

*Some prices may have changed since last revision

Trenches feet

Trench jackets are the star wear of the break. They are so comfortable and match our entire wardrobe perfectly. This one is khaki in color and belongs to the brand Sfera.. This one is simple and has a pencil collar. It is made of cotton and is priced at €69.99 at El Corte Inglés.

*Some prices may have changed since last revision

Navy blue blazer

If we want to give a more formal touch to our look For long journeys, this navy blue balsa is ideal. A very basic option that adds a lot of flair to our simplest looks.. It has a collar and fake pockets that make this outfit super elegant. In addition, its inner lining makes this garment of higher quality and is priced at €25.99 at Lefties.

*Some prices may have changed since last revision

White shirt

Finally, the queen of all basics, the white short-sleeved shirt. It is made of comfortable cotton fabric and It has a round neck that goes perfectly with all the jackets in our wardrobe. It is stretchy and conforms perfectly to our body. The price is €3.99 at Lefties.

*Some prices may have changed since last revision

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