WhatsApp has changed. you can now post up to three messages in a chat

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Pinning messages on WhatsApp allows users to remember important events during their conversations. (Photo: WhatsApp)

Messaging app WhatsApp has announced a major feature update for any user to post messages in chats and groups.

Rumors revealed directly by the company's CEO, Mark Zuckerberg, indicate that it will now be possible to pin up to three messages at the top of each chat, which is a significant increase from the previous capacity, which limited this feature to just one message. .

This change aims to improve the organization and communication between users, especially in groups where relevant information can easily get lost in a sea of ​​messages. Everything you need to know about this new version will be presented below.

The messaging app has introduced a new feature for organizing information from chats and groups. (Photo: Infobae)

This feature allows you to highlight important information, making it easy to access quickly and efficiently in both group and individual chats. The types of messages that can be pinned range from text, requests and images to emojis, all of which are kept secure by end-to-end encryption.

The pinning feature is intuitive and easy to use. This is step by step how to use this WhatsApp option.

  • The process begins by pressing and holding the message you want to highlight during a conversation.
  • After a few minutes, a menu is displayed with several options, including “Set”.
  • Selecting this option presents the user with a banner that allows them to decide how long they want the message to stay pinned at the top of the conversation.
  • The duration options are varied, allowing you to choose between 24 hours, 7 days and up to 30 days, with the default option of 7 days being the most balanced between visibility and updating relevant information.

The implementation of this function responds to the need to manage information more efficiently on messaging platforms.

WhatsApp allows you to post a message in either a group or a chat during this time. (Photo: Capture)

In a world where the amount of data being received and shared is overwhelming, The ability to highlight important messages is a practical solution to getting lost in the clutter of information.

Additionally, end-to-end encryption ensures that the privacy of pinned messages remains intact, ensuring that only chat participants can access them.

In addition to the above, the messaging app has introduced customization options for this feature, allowing pinned messages to remain on top of a conversation for a pre-determined period of time, up to one month.

This feature adds to the huge number of new features WhatsApp has been incorporating over time, such as recently acquired stickers. (Europa Press)

This flexibility gives users and group administrators more control over how and when important information is highlighted.

It should be noted that in the case of groups. The ability to pin posts may be restricted to administrators only, depending on the settings selectedthereby ensuring optimal communication management and organization of the groups in which each is located.

The ability to pin a message is important for highlighting important announcements or reminders in conversations with multiple participants.

This new WhatsApp feature also helps users organize and prioritize the information they receive. (illustrated image Infobae)

Before this update, Group admins and users in individual chats could mark only one important messagewhich was often insufficient for today's dynamic information exchange.

By introducing the ability to link up to three messages, WhatsApp responds to the needs of its users by making important information immediately available and visible to all chat participants.

Therefore, as digital communication evolves, we are likely to see more innovations designed to enrich and facilitate online interactions.

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