WhatsApp: how to link to my personal account?

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By parm maan

WhatsApp offers several features unknown to some that can be useful for starting conversations. (Photo: Infobae Archive)

WhatsApp has become one of the most used communication tools in the world, allowing users to send text messages, voice messages, images and videos instantly.

One of the most practical features it offers is the ability to create a direct link (Link) to a personal or business account, facilitating communication without adding the phone number to the phonebook.

For a more specific explanation of this function, Below are some details on how to create this link and its possible applications.

Linking your WhatsApp account can make your remote interaction processes easier. (Photo: Capture)

To begin with, it is important to understand that a WhatsApp link uses a special structure that directs a person directly to a chat. The basic structure of the link is “” followed by the full phone number in international format, i.e. including the country code without adding zeros, plus signs (+) or brackets.

For example, if the phone number was from Argentina and had the number 999 123456, the country code would be 54 and the link would look like this: “”.

Thus, the process to create the link is simple and does not require any additional applications or tools. By following these steps, any user will be able to create their own WhatsApp link.

  • Specify the country code. You need to know the country code of the phone number you want to use to create the link. This code varies from country to country.
  • Build the link. Use the structure above by adding the country code followed by the phone number, without spaces, leading zeros, or symbols.
  • Check the link. Before sharing the link, it is recommended to test it by typing the URL in a browser to make sure it redirects to the WhatsApp chat correctly.
In jobs that are mostly virtual, this tool allows you to improve communication with strategic audiences. (illustrated image Infobae)

Now, knowing the procedure for creating a direct link offers various practical applications for both individual users and businesses.

For individuals, makes it easy to start conversations without exchanging phone numberswhich is especially useful on social media, digital business cards, or any medium where you prefer not to publish contact information directly.

On the other hand, for business. This link can be a powerful tool to improve customer communicationwhich allows direct and quick access to customer service chat from ads, web pages or social network profiles.

The messaging app can be used by anyone of any age. (Photo: Freepik)

Additionally, WhatsApp allows you to add a predefined message that will automatically be displayed in the chat when someone clicks on the link. To do this, simply add “?text=” followed by the message you want to send (replacing spaces with “%20”) after the link number. For example: “ás%20information”.

As a security measure, it's important to note that when sharing a WhatsApp link: A direct method is provided to start a conversation.

Therefore, caution is advised when using this feature, especially in public platforms or contexts where privacy is a concern.

WhatsApp is improving the privacy of its users with various features such as temporary messages (Photo: WhatsApp)

For all of the above, WhatsApp direct link It is a simple yet extremely useful feature that enhances effective and fast communication.

For both personal and professional use, following the steps to create and share this link can open up new avenues of interaction, facilitating the process of connecting with other people or clients.

It is a valuable resource that, if used responsibly, can significantly improve the way we communicate in today's digital environment.

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