Where to travel from Foronda in spring?

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Foronda surpassed its passenger record in 2023 with 309,929 people. Vitoria Airport has confirmed its growth in recent years, especially thanks to good data from Ryanair. And it is the only company that operates regular flights from Foronda.

Now that spring and summer are here, it's time to pack your bags to take a vacation and escape from everyday life. And Foronda has six national and European destinations with a frequency of almost 20 per week.

  • SevilleMonday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday in April. Monday, Wednesday and Friday from May.
  • M├ílagaTuesday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday.
  • AlicanteTuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays.
  • MajorcaMonday and Friday in April. Monday, Wednesday and Friday from May.
  • BrusselsTuesdays and Saturdays.
  • MilanTuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays.

These are fewer flights than last year, but also fewer flights than Ryanair originally announced. And the company has launched up to 5 weekly frequencies to Seville. Something that won't happen.

From the destination list Cologne is gone. The German city is one of Ryanair's longest-standing destinations in Foronda. And in recent years it is limited to the summer season. However, the Irish company does not offer flights from Vitoria to Cologne until September. And those that he had sold, he canceled for “commercial reasons”.

Ryanair has canceled all flights between Foronda and Cologne

Charter flights

Apart from regular Ryanair flights, charter flights are the main players at Foronda Airport. San Prudencio and the summer months are the dates indicated by these organized trips. The confirmed destinations for spring and summer are as follows:


  • Istanbul:Departure: 03/28 and return: 04/01.
  • PisaDeparture: 03/28 and return: 04/01.
  • PragueDeparture: 03/28 and return: 04/01.
  • SicilyDeparture 03/27 and return 04/01.

Bridge of San Prudencio

  • BudapestDeparture: 04/27 and return: 05/01.
  • Istanbul:Departure: 04/27 and return: 05/01.
  • EgyptDeparture: 04/27 and return: 05/04.
  • CyprusDeparture: 04/27 and return: 05/04.


  • RomaniaDeparture on 06.18 and return on 25.06.
  • Let's go to AthensDeparture: 08/02 and return: 08/09.
  • LjubljanaDeparture 15.07. return 22.07.
  • EgyptDeparture 15.09. return 22.09.

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