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WWE Royal Rumble 2024 Predictions: Becky Lynch’s Victory Seems Predictable

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By manpreet maan

WWE Royal Rumble 2024 Predictions: Becky Lynch's Victory Seems Predictable
Unveiling WWE’s Intriguing Women’s Royal Rumble 2024 Storylines Beyond the Obvious Favorites

The anticipation for the Women’s Royal Rumble in 2024 is building, with fans speculating on potential storylines and surprises. While Becky Lynch is considered a frontrunner for the victory, there’s a deeper narrative brewing that extends beyond the obvious choices. This comprehensive analysis will delve into the current odds, explore the potential winners, and scrutinize the ongoing narrative between Lynch and Rhea Ripley, questioning the effectiveness of an early Royal Rumble win for Lynch

Becky Lynch’s Royal Rumble Odds: A Familiar Path or a Twist in the Tale?
Becky Lynch, known as “The Man,” is no stranger to Royal Rumble victories, having secured one in 2019. However, her candidacy for a second win seems almost too predictable, especially considering WWE’s hinted direction towards a WrestleMania 40 clash with Rhea Ripley. Despite being a favorite, oddsmakers place Bayley at the forefront, opening up the possibility of a more compelling and unexpected storyline.

The Landscape of Favorites: Bayley Emerges as the Top Pick:
As of the latest odds, Bayley stands out as the top favorite to win the Women’s Royal Rumble with -125 odds. This unexpected positioning raises questions about the potential narrative WWE might be planning. As a member of Damage CTRL and currently seeking approval, Bayley winning the Rumble could add layers to the evolving dynamics within the group, making her victory a more intriguing and nuanced story.

Potential Storylines Beyond Lynch: Exploring Damage CTRL Dynamics:
Bayley’s involvement with Damage CTRL introduces an alternative storyline that diverges from the expected Lynch vs. Ripley narrative. Winning the Royal Rumble would not only elevate Bayley but also contribute to the group’s quest for dominance. The aftermath of her potential victory could unfold a captivating plotline, especially considering her recent tag team championship win.

Jade Cargill and Nia Jax: Dark Horses in the Rumble Race:
The Women’s Royal Rumble presents an opportunity for underdogs like Jade Cargill and Nia Jax to shine. With +400 and +800 odds respectively, both competitors could disrupt the predicted trajectory of Lynch and offer fresh narratives. Cargill’s WWE debut in her home state and Jax’s ongoing storyline, including her elimination of Lynch on Raw, add layers of unpredictability to the Rumble.

AJ Lee’s Possible Return: A Shocking Twist in the Rumble Tale:
Speculation about AJ Lee’s return to WWE after almost a decade adds an element of surprise to the Women’s Royal Rumble. The prospect of Lee making a comeback and securing a Rumble victory would not only shock the audience but also inject new energy into the women’s division. Exploring this potential storyline adds depth to the Rumble’s intrigue.

Lynch vs. Ripley Feud: Does It Need More Time to Develop?
While Lynch vs. Ripley is undoubtedly an anticipated WrestleMania showdown, the question arises: does the feud need more time to evolve? Examining the dynamics between Lynch and Ripley, it becomes evident that the storyline lacks the elements that made Cody Rhodes’ narrative compelling. Lynch’s journey needs adversity, challenges, and time to unfold organically for fans to truly invest in her pursuit of the championship.

Ripley’s Role as the Top Heel: A Lack of Underdog Appeal:
Rhea Ripley holds the position of the top heel in the women’s division, but the absence of a punchy underdog narrative diminishes the emotional stakes of the feud. Lynch winning the Royal Rumble too early in the storyline could potentially hinder the development of her character as the underdog challenger. To garner fan sympathy, Lynch needs to face setbacks, overcome adversity, and earn her place in the WrestleMania 40 main event.

Building Lynch as the Underdog Challenger: A Patient Approach Required:
Becky Lynch’s journey to becoming an underdog challenger requires a patient approach. Winning the Royal Rumble prematurely might not allow fans to fully embrace her struggle. To recreate the magic of her 2019 ascent, Lynch needs to go through a process of growth, facing obstacles and setbacks that build a genuine connection with the audience.

Exploring Better Choices for Royal Rumble Winners: Diverse Narratives Await:
The Women’s Royal Rumble presents an array of possibilities beyond the expected choices. Bayley’s potential victory could serve as a compelling story within Damage CTRL, while newcomers like Jade Cargill and returning stars like AJ Lee add layers of excitement. Diversifying the winner pool contributes to a more engaging narrative landscape, allowing WWE to explore multiple story arcs simultaneously.

Crafting Compelling Narratives Beyond Predictability:
As the Women’s Royal Rumble approaches, the focus on Becky Lynch as the frontrunner raises questions about the depth of the narrative. The landscape of potential winners offers diverse storylines, from group dynamics within Damage CTRL to unexpected comebacks. While Lynch vs. Ripley remains a focal point, WWE has the opportunity to craft compelling and nuanced narratives that keep fans invested. Balancing predictability with surprises ensures an enthralling journey leading up to WrestleMania 40.

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